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Ecuagringo is the company that opened the doors to the fishery in Galapagos and now working to open up several other destinations. For over twenty years we inspired, thought and helped local fishermen fight for an alternative activity. Fishing in the Galapagos Islands was frowned upon by tree huggers, mislead politicians, self interest groups and ill intentioned environmentalist. Today it is a regulated activity that is helping protect the waters by employing dozens of artesanal fishermen who would otherwise have to depend on extractive and non renewable fishing practices.

What makes us different is that we are not a middle man company or just a travel agency. We are not commission based or just resellers. Ecuagringo is a team of outfitters with skin in the game in almost every destination. We either lease, partner, own or operate boats with our own staff and pro teams in almost all our destinations with the exception being Costa Rica. Most of our staff are dedicated sportsmen who are in this business for the love of the outdoors. Our company operates in Ecuador, Peru, Argentina, Bolivia and hopefully soon Colombia. Our staff goes through great lengths traveling to, training and developing fisheries, coordinating logistics, lodging, tours and fishing to make sure your trip is a success. These are not easy tasks but we do it because we love it.

Even-though we have been written about in most major fishing publications and appeared in shows hosted such as the late Jose Wejeve of Spanish Fly, our best publicity is word of mouth. Many of our clients are repeat customers and recommendations by others. We do not spend our money in futile paper printing, adds or other forms of advertising. Our money goes into continuously improving and developing our destinations and fisheries. If you are not a fisherman you may still enjoy many of our trips and packages geared for families, couples and anyone who has a spirit of adventure.

We may not be the cheapest alternative out there but then we are not here to compete with anyone. Our staff and team members enjoy during their own thing and sharing it with those who put quality, service and the best fishing and adventure possible first. Subscribe to our e-mails, newsletters and reports and you will receive offers and promotions for time to time where you can save good money. The team is constantly working to provide you options for economically minded adventurers as well as those who want all the amenities and first class service.

Hoping that you chose your next adventure with us and let us show you a little part of this wonderful World,

Braden Escobar

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