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Touring, Adventure & Photo Safaris

ECUAGRINGO does not only provide fishing trips. We provide adventure packages for the whole family. Having hunted, fished, travelled and explored much of South America, our outfitters have local knowledge to show you what is out there.

We arrange trips mainly in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia, Argentina and Uruguay. However if you are looking for something unique, exotic or different just ask. We are custom travel and adventure experts.

If you are looking to travel with family or a larger group you may want check out from our list below for recommend exploring and adventure packages already put together for each country:

Adventure Packages by Country:


* Andes Mountains, Quito and Middle of the World
* Amazon jungle and rainforest
* Galapagos Islands
* Coast and beaches


* Andes Mountains, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Pichu, Lake Titicaca
* Amazon jungle and Rainforest

Adventure Sample Custom Itineraries

Galapagos Island Hopping

Galapagos Island Hopping & Fishing:
Discover the diverse marine life snorkeling, swimming, hiking, horseback ridding and biking in several islands of this most incredible archipelago. This is a must for water and animal lovers. A vacation that can be enjoyed by couples, large groups, family and virtually anyone with a taste for adventure.

Day 1
– Arrive into Guayaquil international airport, host will meet you outside customs
– Hotel transfer
– Night in hotel in Guayaquil, 4 or 5 stars, depending on availability

Day 2
– Breakfast in the hotel
– Transfer to Guayaquil airport
– Depart Guayaquil to Baltra, Galapagos Islands
– Arrive in Baltra
– Host will be outside of GNP admissions area waiting for you
– Vehicle and ferry transfer from Baltra to Santa Cruz
– Check in to hotel (depending on availability). Take a little time rest and change, then your guide will take you to Tortuga Bay, a spectacular white sand beach where you can spend the afternoon contemplating the marine iguanas, birds and relax with the onshore marine life
– Night in Hotel

Day 3
– Breakfast in hotel
– Your tour guide will take you to visit:

Santa Cruz Highlands Tour:
*Galapagos giant tortoises. You will then be taken by car to Santa Rosa area and the protected national park zone. There you will visit Chato Lagoon, where Galapagos giant tortoises live in natural state. Get your pictures up close with the Galapagos most famous creatures

– Lunch at El Chato Restaurant (included)

* Twin Craters, a pair of craters, 30 meters deep approximately, formed by magma chambers inside earth
* Owl’s Cave, natural lava flowed tunnels to explore
* Charles Darwin Station and near beach, home to the giant tortoises and land iguanas captive breeding programs. This was the home of the late Lonesome George giant tortoise. He was the last in his specie and had been a conservation icon for the Galapagos Islands. Next enjoy the neighboring beach by the Charles Darwin Research Station
-Night in hotel

Day 4
– Breakfast in hotel or host will provide due to early morning departure
– You will be driven to take Bartolome Island Tour at 4 am. This is a tour boat that will take you to the islet with some of the most beautiful views in Galapagos featured in many post cards. An iconic and world famous site to experience. Snorkel with tropical penguins, sea lions and abundant marine life in the area. The movie “Master and Commander”, starring Russel Crowe, was filmed in part at this location. Lunch included. In our opinion this is one of the best places to see in Galapagos.
– Night at hotel

Day 5
– Breakfast in hotel
– Transfer by water taxi to board your 36 ft sport-fisher. Depart at 07h00 approximately for a full day of fishing between islands. Ready the 80# tackle to fish some of the waters famous for large blue, black and striped marlin as well as big eye tuna over 200# and 300# have been caught in these waters. Grander blue marlin have been battled and lost over the years in this area by the Ecuagringo team.
Pull in approximately 17:00 into Puerto Villamil, Isabela Island
– Night in Hotel

Day 6
– Breakfast in hotel and board your 36 ft sport-fisher at 07h00. Head South to fish Islabela Island drop off where waters will go from 600 feet to over 2000 and 3000 feet deep in some places. Large tuna and marlin are frequently caught in this area. Full day of offshore fishing. You will most likely have a good shot at catching tuna in this area. Your host will be happy to have some sashimi prepared onboard as well as cooked at your hotel.
– Check into hotel (depending on availability)
– Night in Hotel

Day 7
– Breakfast in hotel and full day of touring volcano and highlands
– Volcano Tour (7 hours approximately). Excursion to Sierra Negra Volcano (Second largest in the world near sea level). Take a drive up the mountain and enjoy the scenery on the way up. Next you will have the option to ride horses (approximately 1 hour) and hike the trails. Appreciate the view from high above as well as the vegetation and various lava formations (This tour include horses and boxed lunch)
– Night in hotel

Day 8
– Breakfast in hotel
– In the morning Tintoreras Tour (2½ hours approximately). Shared boat ride and tour that is fascinating and fun. In this pristine water paradise you can experience swimming and snorkeling with white tip sharks, turtles, blue footed boobies, pelicans, frigates and penguins. Visit the colony of marine iguanas and young see lions. You will have the option to snorkel.
– Boxed lunch included
– In the afternoon visit the Wall of Tears, Giant Tortoise Rearing Center, Isabela Wetlands and Orchilla Mirador (3-4 hours approximately). By biking you will go to the Giant Tortoise Rearing Center. Leave your bikes and walk the trails that give you access to see endemic plants, lizards, birds and the Orchilla Mirador. Orchilla Mirador offers a spectacular view of the wetlands, black mangrove and the bay. Finally visit the Wall of Tears built by the penal colony in 1954. On your way back see the Isabela Wetlands where it may be possible to sight flamingos and aquatic birds.
– Night in hotel

Day 9
– Breakfast in hotel
– In the morning Tunnel AquaticTour (6 hours approximately.). Shared boat ride and tour that to a unique spot full of lava formations amongst a atural aquarium. Chose to snorkel amongst eagle rays, turtles, fish, lobsters, eels, sea lions and more. Waters are transparent and when you submerge into this incredible setting you will most likely feel like you are being transported to an underwater oasis. This is one of the best tours Galapagos has to offer and a must when visiting Isabela.
– Boxed lunch included
– Night in hotel

Day 10
– Breakfast in hotel
– Transfer to airport for inter island flight
– Arrive in Baltra and connect Guayaquil flight
– Airport pick up and transfer to hotel
– Night in Guayaquil hotel
– Night in hotel

Day 11
– Breakfast in hotel
– Transfer to airport
– Depart Ecuador

For complete package and itineraries please contact us.

Peru Road Trip

Get to know Peru on an adventure of lifetime by taking a special custom road trip that will take you over 5000 kms of roads and country. This is the best way to see Peru one on one. Our staff will take care of you 24/7 and you will get an experience unlike any other.

Ecuagringo Peru Custom Road Trip Adventure Sample Itinerary

Day 1- Arrive in Lima international airport. Meet and greet outside of custom with your trip host. Transfer to hotel for night in Lima and rest. Depending on your arrival time you may go to dinner or do a short city tour at your discretion.

Day 2- Your host will pick you up from hotel and you will drive by private van to San Vicente de
Cañete. This is capital city of the costal province of Cañete. This province was highly agricultural in 1800’s and responsible for the first large scale slave and negro colonies to arrive in Peru. Today it is considered one of the most important negro/African cultural and arts heritage sites in South America. The only Japanese temple in all of Peru is located here. It many “Haciendas” will take you back to colonial times of Spanish influence. Night in hotel.

Day 3- Breakfast, travel to Lunahuana. Continue along the Pan-American South Highway arriving to one of the 16 districts that conforms Cañete province. It was rule before the Spanish arrival by the tribal lordship of Señorío de Los Huarcos. Its leader Tupac Yupanqui mounted some of the fiercest resistance to the Inca Empire. Its people were unmatched warriors for the region. Here you will find the crystal waters of the Cañete river. You will have the option to possibly do rafting, biking, hiking and even camping. The valley is an important agricultural area where you will find vineyards.

Day 4- Breakfast, travel to Pisco; the town in part responsible for Peru’s most famous liquor Pico. “Pisco Sour” is cocktail of world renowned fame. Visit a winery and pisco processing plante. Taste the different grades of grape processing and aging to get a full appreciation of this fine liquor and its varieties. Pisco is native Quechua name means “bird”. Due to its rich marine life it was an important pre-hispanic native settlement dating back over 1000 years. Night in hotel.

Day 5- Early morning drive to Paracas National Reserve. Often considered a small but beautiful sanctuary full of birds and marine life. Take a boat trip to see the the small islands that are the heart of the natural reserve and you will see boobie birds, sea lions and Humboldt penguins if you are lucky. If time allows visit in the afternoon El Cadelabro (marking on the side of a hill that look like a candle holder) and Tambo Colorado Inca ruins. Night in hotel.

Day 6- Ica, a Spanish colonial city was founded June 17, 1563 by Gerónimo Luis de Cabrera as Villa de Valverde. Ir is a real treat for desert adventure. Visit one of the only oasis in South America the Huacachina. Experience the thrill ride by way of dune buggy with a profesional circuit driver. Up and down the sand dunes on an off-road vehicle and camp at night in the heart of the desert. Optional to visit museums with pre Columbian mummies, grave sites and more archaeological historic sites. Definitely one of the best adventure sites in Peru.

Day 7- Nazca and its famous lines are located in Pampas de Jumana . Learn about the culture and the all the anthropological studies that are over 2000 years in the making. Are you brave enough to take a private flight and see the lines from the air or climb a tower to get a reduced view? This is a Unesco World Heritage site. Night in a hotel.

Day 8- Loma and Puerto Inca. Get to know the ancient trade routes of the Inca Empire. They actually had ports to send animals and trade out to sea. Learn about the large indigenous people and its culture that expanded to most of the South American continent. Dine in puerto Inca and enjoy a great culinary experience. Peruvian seafood is some of the best in the world. Experience a night in the field “ghost hunting” for the spirits of Inca past. This experience may be hair raising and is not for the faint of heart. Puerto Inca is believed to be haunted by the spirits of Incas past. Night in Puerto Inca hotel or camp on the private beach.

Day 9- Drive to Arequipa and get to see all the villages and towns along the coast. Stop and try your luck on some beaches to catch lunch. There is very good sea bass and flounder fishing along the hundreds of kilometers of beaches and rocks. Nothing tastes as good or as a fresh form sea to the table. Night in hotel in Arequipa.

Day 10- Full day of touring Arequipa, ancient churches, monasteries, and cultural sites of interest. Arequipa is the second largest city in Peru and the capital of the department of Arequipa. Founded August 15, 1540 it is rich in Spanish history. Night in a city hotel.

Days 11/12- Travel to National Geographic country known as Colca Valley. The largest canyon in the world. Expose yourself to high elevation to see the beauty of the Andes Mountain range in all its glory. You will cross one of the highest highways in elevation at around 5000 meters from sea level. Once in the Colca Valley indulge in Andean treats and taste the foods that the Incas once ate still prepared today.

Day 13/14- Head for lake Titicaca. The largest fresh water lake in the world! Take a boat ride to visit the “floating villages” and learn about life on the lake and the legend of “El Dorado”. Spend the night if available in a floating house.

Day 15/16- Get on the road for Cusco the capital of the Inca Empire! Get to see the sites and the Andes as you drive North on the Andean Pan-American Highway. Enjoy Cusco and all the national sites, burial grounds, ruins and Inca cultural heritage sites. Night in a Cusco hotel

Day 17- Sacred Valley tour of the great ruins from the Inca empire. Many sites to enjoy, photograph and see. Spend the night in this magical area with possibility to camp and enjoy a camp fire with fresh rainbow trout and local treats. This valley is know for UFO sighting and is considered a powerful esoteric energy field. Watch the sky for unusual activity. The night sky is one of the best views of the Southern constellations.

Day 18-Take the train to Machu Picchu. The train ride along the edge of a rocky river will take you down into the valleys of the Andes Mountains. Arrive in the town of Aguas Calientes where you will take the bus up to the incredible ancient wonder of the world, the Inca temple of Machu Picchu. Spend the night in Aguas Calientes.

Day 19- Take the train back to the Sacred Valley, enjoy possible onboard fashion show and spend the night in Cusco. Dine in one of the better restaurants to enjoy local Andean dishes. Experience the nightlife of local bars, pubs and discos where you can mingle with foreigners and locals.

Day 20- Take a flight back to Lima. Night in Lima to see some of the city’s most interesting sites such as the colorful water park if time allows. Local hotel for the night.

Day 21- Depart Peru

-All guides, hosts and personal attention during your stay from the moment you land until departure
-Airport pick ups and transfers
-All 2 or 3 star lodging where available along routes, cities and towns
-All camping gear for desert, beach and mountain possible camping
-Ac van, driver and guide
-Domestic flights from Cusco to Lima
-All meals while on the trail with host (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
-Snacks and beverages while traveling
-Special meals may be prepared along the way by guide or host
-Park fees, taxes and tickets for all visitation sites required
-Train tickets to and from Machu Picchu
-All tours and sites that time will reasonably allow in 3 weeks
-Flexibility to stay longer or shorter in some destination
-Various tours described, mentioned and some that will be provided depending on time and availability
-Interaction with locals, culture and unique culinary experience
-Fishing gear provided if you decide to try your hand at surf fishing along the way
-boats, 4×4 vehicles, bikes and any equipment needed on tours
-Airplane tour to see nazca from air

Not Included:
Meals when not accompanied by guide or host, meals at your leisure
International airfare


This is a special custom designed package and trip to let you experience Peru close up, its most interesting sites and yet stay in relatively decent comfort while traveling in the company of an experience host. You will be overnighting possibly in hotels, haciendas, hostels and motels about 85% of your stay.

The price is USD 19,775.00 total for the itinerary as it stands based on a party of 2 or USD 9,887.50 per person

Remember we can cut or add anything you want to try to fit this trip in a budget if you need to. This itinerary is to give you an idea if you choose to take this level of service. You will also have the freedom to play much of your stay by ear. Our guides/hosts will be there to take care of you every step of the way.

Don't let others tell you about it, experience it for yourself!

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