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Fish Specie: Swordfish

Scientific name: Xiphias Gladius

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We use the best electric reels manufactured by Lindgren Pittman.

Nicknamed the gladiator of the sea, swordfish are one of the most powerful fish to do battle with on rod and reel. Some of the largest swordfish caught by sport and commercial means have come from Pacific South America. The dwellers of the deep tend to stay near the bottom in the daytime and rise closer to the surface at night. Some of our destinations such as Salinas, Esmeraldas and Cabo Blanco it is not uncommon to see them tailing on the surface during the day. Fishing for them with electric reels in the daytime is fast becoming one of the most popular ways of fishing for swordfish. Ecuagringo has teamed up with Lindgren Pittman to provide our anglers the best electric reel on the market the LP 1200. We plan to have the proper electric equipment set up in all our destinations by 2019. At the moment we offer daytime fishing for swordfish in Manta-Ecuador and Galapagos will be ready by April 2018.

Swordfish feed on squid, shrimp and almost anything they can catch on the bottom. Fast, strong and well streamlined they are graceful underwater and when hooked can jump quite high out of the water.

Best destinations to target swordfish:

1- Manta-Ecuador

With the incredible abundance of squid in the 1200 to 2500 feet depth range swordfish thrive off the coast of Ecuador. If you want a legitimate shot at catching a swordfish in the daytime then look no further than book several days to fish the waters out of Manta.

2- San Cristobal-Galapagos Islands

Our boats will be ready to start charters April 2018. Large swordfish are often caught by local artisanal fishing targeting tuna. The amount of squid and bait in the Galapagos is multiplied by the nutrient rich currents that cause them to congregate there. Swordfish are known to be quite large in the Galapagos with a notable fish caught in 2006 out of Isabela Island by a local that pushed the scales at 900 plus lbs.

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