Book Today & Save $3500 Off Regular Price To Fish Isabela Island Giant Blue Marlin

Apr 18, 2021Specials

Save big by booking a last minute trip to fish the waters of giant blue marlin in the Galapagos Islands.

Email us today to secure your dates in May or June 2021 to fish these incredible waters and get up to $3500 off or a free day of fishing when you book at least 5 days or more of fishing. This is the best giant blue marlin fishing in the Pacific Ocean! Don’t let other’s tell you about it. Our packages are all inclusive. We fish 130 and 100 pound test tackle. Ecuagringo has two boats equipped with the best crews in the Galapagos to handle giant marlin.

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Why Fish Isabela Island For Giant Blue Marlin:

  • Average blue marlin is 300 to 900 pounds with granders in the mix every season so far
  • Lots of bonito, tuna and squid in these 600 to 9000 foot ocean floor drops attract big marlin
  • We have the boats, crews and heavy tackle to handle these fish
  • Statistically most of our boats encounter at least 1 to 3 fish over 600# fishing minimum 5 days
  • Safe for the whole family island setting with no crime
  • Few people on Isabela Island offers remoteness and one of the best beaches in the Galapagos
  • Striped and black marlin also possible
  • Incredible volcano crater, penguin snorkeling, flamingo sighting and other tours

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