Fish The Pacific’s Most Productive Marlin Waters

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Galapagos Islands Are A Marlin Lover’s Paradise
The Galapagos Islands offer year round fishing for striped marlin, tuna, wahoo and bottom fish.  The giant blue marlin of Isabela Island show up when the water warms up generally mid December until May.  Few other places if any offer the year round production of high striped marlin numbers, seasonal giant blue marlin and endless bottom fishing in a safe and virtually crime-less environment.

Add the incredible nature tours, snorkeling, diving, surfing, kayaking and seemingly friendly animals and you have an outdoor paradise.  The islands are a perfect destination for a spouse trip, honeymoon, family or guy get away!

Lots Of Striped Marlin & Various Fishing Options All In One Place!
10, 20, 30 and 50 plus marlin raises per day are possible all year.  Ecuagringo developed the fishery to provide anglers two islands as destinations to fit their custom experience.  San Cristobal has access to banks North, East, West and South of the island for the best chances at striped marlin.  Santa Cruz has fewer areas to target striped marlin but they are some of the best.  The wahoo, tuna and bottom fishing can be quite productive on both islands.

As the first outfitter to start charter fishing in 1998 we went on to develop crews and import the tackle to handle fly fishing for marlin, deep dropping with electric reels, light tackle for bait and switch on striped marlin and 130# custom heavy tackle for the biggest of blue marlin.  No one else comes close and we are the only game in town able to operate 365 days a year.

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Fish, Explore & Immerse With The Wildlife
To tell you about the Galapagos is one thing. To experience all it has to offer is another.  The islands should be a bucket list adventure for all to experience.  600 miles off the coast of Ecuador they are away from pirates, contamination, and most everyday hectics you will find in more populated areas.

The waters influenced by the Humboldt Current are very fertile that even penguins live here.  How cool is to find tropical fish, giant land tortoises, marine iguanas and birds that evolved from cold weather species?  It’s no wonder that Charles Darwin had a field day in the weeks he spent exploring and collecting data while in the Galapagos.

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Book With First & Longest Running Outfitter & The Real Deal
Ecuagringo provides you with the most unique and professional experience in the Galapagos.  We have the best boats, tackle and personnel that come together to deliver the best trip possible.  Thousands of anglers have fished and explored the Galapagos with Ecuagringo, far more than with any other outfitter in Ecuador or the Galapagos Islands.  We continue to expand our services with more boats and being the only company to offer what is needed to target the biggest blue marlin out of Isabela Island.

Before we hosted our first group, Ecuagringo spent 1997 and most of 1998 researching, fishing and testing areas at different times of the year.  We continue to stretch our boundaries with faster boats and fishing in further locations.  We are even working on hopefully being able to license in the near future a mothership for long range trips that require overnight at sea.

Be careful when booking a trip of a lifetime to the Galapagos. In the last few years a handful of so called “fishing agents” are coming down with their guest to fish a few weeks out of the year with no local knowledge of the waters.  Ecuagringo takes pride in training crews, innovating different tactics, searching for new areas to fish and keeping up with the latest effective fishing methods & technology.

We are not fishing agents,  we are actual outfitters with skin in the game.  Some of our staff has been with us over 25 years.  Ecuagringo has a long list of publications, some tv shows and a proven track record thats spans since 1993.

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