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Make It One To Remember In The Galapagos Islands

Are you looking for a safe, family friendly destination that has hotels, restaurants, beaches, snorkeling tours, fishing and most of all the best marlin fishing on the planet?  Then look no further than the Galapagos Islands.  Nowhere else on this earth will you find so many unique advantages to fishing and touring in one place.  You can target stripe marlin, giant blue marlin, occasional black marlin, yellowfin and bigeye tuna, wahoo, mahi mahi and all kinds of bottom fish.  All in one place!

Ecuagringo was the first outfitter to develop the incredible striped marlin fishery in the late 90’s before anyone dared to even put a sportfisher there.  24 years later we are the largest and most dependable fishing and touring outfitter in the Galapagos. With more boats, tackle and crews ready to step up to the fishing challenge you are looking for there is only one company to depend on!  When you book a trip with us you gain over 40 years of billfishing experience passed on from company founder Braden Escobar to our crews.

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You can rest easy that your fishing trip of a lifetime is in the hands of professionals who love what they do and have been at it for many years.  No ride along agents or clowns here that come and go each year.  We are a solid 365 day a year company and outfitter who has learned the in an outs of operating in Ecuador, Galapagos, Peru, Argentina and Bolivia.  We have offices in the USA and Ecuador plus year round staff to work on logistics and every part of our services.

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No One Has The Year Round Fast Paced Double Digit Striped Marlin Action!
You certainly can make an argument that Magdalena Bay Mexico has an incredible small striped marlin bite September to November every year.  The average striped marlin is 80 to 120 pounds in Mexican waters.  That would be the closest rival to the Galapagos. However, the Galapagos can expect double digit raises of striped marlin any month of the year and our striped marlin start around 120 pounds and average 150 to 220 pounds putting them in a much bigger stronger sized category.

Fish over the 250 pound mark are not uncommon either.  Any day of the year you can expect to raise from 5 to over 50 striped marlin with days with over 100 raises in a day still possible.  The surprise blue and black marlin are an additional treat out of Santa Cruz and San Cristobal Islands.

Take Shots At The Biggest Blue Marlin To Swim The Pacific!

Since Ecuagringo was the first company to explore and offer the incredible striped marlin fishery in the Galapagos it was only natural we would be the first to offer the largest blue marlin fishing found in the Pacific. If you want the best shots anywhere at truly large fish which can top 1000 pounds then Isabela Island is the place to take your chances. We offer the only boats, crews and custom 130# tackle that can handle the biggest of billfish in the Pacific.

Besides the incredible size of the average blue marlin off Isabela waters the tours, wildlife and things to do and see on Isabela Island are perhaps some of the coolest in all of the Galapagos. Giant female blue marlin come to feed off the waters of Isabela and the large concentration of bonito, tuna and squid attract these huge fish.

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