Want To Escape The Cold Of Winter To Tropical Galapagos Islands?

Sep 23, 2019Promotions

What better place to escape the  winter than a tropical, Equatorial fishing paradise!

November, December and January are selling out.  Ecuagringo can put together the ultimate fishing or adventure vacation.  Yes you can travel to the Galapagos and not fish if you want to, we set up all kinds of family and couple’s activities besides fishing.  While many dates are no longer available to fish we can still show you a good time.

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Contact our staff today to go over a custom package that is right to you.  No we do not sell cruises to the Galapagos, we put together something even better in vacation of lifetime.  Ecuagringo will never put you on a cruise to be herded like cattle.  We give you VIP treatment instead with the best hosts, guides and staff to take care of you from the moment you land until the moment you leave.

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Besides striped marlin, grander blue marlin, black marlin, tuna, wahoo, jacks, grouper, swordfish and many other types of gamefish you can chase in the Galapagos you can also:

  • Snorkel with sea lions, manta ray, sharks, seas turtles and reef fish
  • Horseback ride to see a volcano crater
  • Dive with hammerhead sharks
  • Island hop
  • Kayak with sea lions and Galapagos penguins
  • Frolic on the beaches
  • Dine fresh seafood
  • Go hiking and camping
  • Photograph flamingos, albatross, blue footed boobies, frigate birds, lava gulls, Darwin finches and too many other birds to name
  • Choose from various aquatic tours to see the islands from the coast and the most interesting sites
  • Get quite close to the giant Galapagos tortoise
  • Be a part of evolution by learning and experiencing where Charles Darwin himself once was developing his theory on evolution and natural selection
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