Want a destination to catch a billfish grand slam?

Dec 28, 2017Promotions

We have several destination where this is possible in one day or over a few days of fishing. Here is our list of recommended places to try for your billfish slam or grand slam:

1- Galapagos Islands

From January to April the Galapagos offers some of the world’s best striped, blue, black marlin and now day time sword fishing. Catching the big 4 in one day is not far fetched with some luck. Catching all 4 species over several days of fishing is very possible. January to April are the warmest and calmest conditions in the Galapagos and black and blue marlin show up in good numbers. Striped marlin and swordfish are found year round.


Perhaps the most consistent year round destination anywhere. While statistically Manta peaks June to February every year; catching blue, black, striped marlin, sailfish and swordfish is possible anytime of the year. The odds of catching all 5 in one day are probably as good as anywhere in the world but the possibility of catching all of them over several days of fishing is very reasonable.


Some of the best black and blue marlin fishing in South America with its relatively low fishing pressure. From June to December this destination is a hotspot to catch the big 5 in one place. Blue, black and striped marlin are caught commonly in one day but sailfish and swordfish are possible.

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