Striped Marlin Fishing in The Galapagos Islands is The Perfect Billfish Action for all Anglers

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Want to test your fly fishing, topwater casting, light tackle stand up and other skills with 150 to 300 pound fish?

Striped marlin are arguably pound for pound one of the strongest gamefish in the Pacific Ocean. They have huge pectoral fins and tails that help them power and challenge anglers to the max especially on light tackle.

If you want to experience the thrill of multiple, most days dozens and even over a 100 raises of marlin in a day then you need to come to Galapagos. With a Galapagos striped marlin averaging 150 to 220 pounds and some reaching and exceeding 300 pounds these are not feeble fish. The Galapagos attract a wealth of plankton, mackerel, squid, bonito and small tuna all of which are an important part of a striped marlin’s diet.

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Any given day you can be blown away by the amount of marine life on the striped marlin banks. Birds, sea lions, sharks, tunas and bait make for an incredible show while fishing the Galapagos.

When should you go to Galapagos for striped marlin?

The waters of the Galapagos fluctuate from 67 to 84 F surface temperature at various times of the year thanks to the Humboldt, Equatorial, Panama and Crownwell currents attracting striped marlin year round. However, anglers choose to fish December to June for calmest and warmest seas. Our staff will be glad to help you plan the best time for you to go.

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What else is there to see and do in the Galapagos?

Our fishing & touring packages are the perfect and best alternative to the cruises. While cruise lines will sell you the myth that you cannot visit and stay on the islands this is simply not true.

What better way to explore the Galapagos and rest in the comfort of hotel with all the necessary amenities each night? We offer many tours to share with other and make new friends or private tours for you group only. Our customizable packages can included snorkeling, diving, kayaking, hiking, bird watching, camping, horseback riding, island hopping and many other activities.

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We work with the best hotels and lodges. Whatever activist choose to do we will take care and provide from start to finish. There are several islands to visit and each have their exclusive charm. The Galapagos are safe, virtually crime free destination for all ages to enjoy.

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