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The Galapagos Islands Offer Two Incredible Destinations For Hot Striped Marlin & Giant Blue Marlin Action

Isabela Island Grander Marlin

Ecuagringo has started hosting Isabela Island fishing trips each year with Braden Escobar. Escobar researched the islands and was the first to put a charter boat in the Galapagos back in 1998. His biggest passion has been chasing giant blue and black marlin and has found no better spot in the Pacific than Isabela Island.

Yellowfin tuna, bonito, squid and mackerel congregate here in large numbers off the 6000 to 9000 foot drops. The largest marlin in the Galapagos Islands are encountered here more than anywhere else. Because of the success of constantly raising fish 300 to over 1000 pounds in these water we have gone from a handful of charters the first couple of years to solid bookings from March to May.

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You can choose to fish on one of Escobar hosted trips if available or book a minimum 5 day trip to fish anytime. Most days you can expect 1 to 5 bites from billfish and striped, blue and black marlin are encountered here as well as surface swimming swordfish.

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The island of Isabela has some of the best beaches, surfing and tours in all of Galapagos. The laid back atmosphere and rather small population make it a peaceful and welcoming retreat for anglers and families. Anglers can spend the day chasing giant marlin starting just 8 miles from port while no anglers can horseback ride the volcano crater, kayak or snorkel with penguins, dive, walk the trails and much more.

The amount of marine life that can be appreciated in port and offshore is incredible. In port and around the town sea lions, marine iguanas, Galapagos penguins, flamingos, boobies and other creatures welcome you. Offshore you can expect whales, dolphins, sea lions, orcas, marine birds and even schools of fish. The island is safe with virtually no crime.

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San Cristobal Insane Striped Marlin Action

Of all the billfish destinations the world has to offer few if any compare to San Cristobal Island in terms of numbers of striped marlin and size all year. No other known destination produces year round numbers of striped marlin 120 to 300 pounds like San Cristobal Island. Any given day when the sardines are thick on the banks and seamounts you can raise from 5 to over 100 striped marlin in a single day. Blue and black marlin are caught sometimes mixed in as well as tuna, wahoo and mahi-mahi.

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San Cristobal Island holds a population of under 9,000 residents, decent hotels, restaurants and the airport is next to the town. Various eco-tours and beaches are available so there is something even for non-anglers. Most striped marlin ground are 23 to 35 miles from port. December through June are the most popular months due to calmer seas but fishing for striped marlin happens year round. Thousands of marlin are encountered every year. Many days fishing will go with no other boats in sight!

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Why Book Your Next Trip With Ecuagringo?

Being the first and longest running fishing outfitter in the Galapagos Islands has helped us build a reputation that has become synonymous with fishing the Galapagos. Our company invests more time and money than anyone in the best crews available and most tackle is imported from the USA. Some of our staff has been around since 1993 and our company handles over 70% of all fishing bookings to the Galapagos.

Even though Ecuagringo has filmed shows with the likes of the late Jose Wejeve, have been written about in most major sportfishing publications, hosted fly fishing schools with greats like Jake Jordan; our greatest asset is our returning angler. We are humbled to have such a loyal following of repeat anglers who many after fishing other destinations chose to make the Galapagos a regular assurance.

If you want your best chances to catching several billfish in a single trip then you need to book with Ecuagringo.

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