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Isabela Island, Galapagos Islands Offers Your Best Shots At Giant Blue Marlin

Big game anglers know that blue marlin stand at the apex of the angling challenges for saltwater gamefish. Very few anglers will ever see or much less hook on to a fish 600, 800 and over 1000 pounds. If you want to increase your chances of hooking up with a great blue marlin then you need to go where the frequent.

The Galapagos Islands offer nutrient rich upwellings and deep waters that make it perfect to find giant blue marlin. Locals have been catching fish in excess of 1000 and 1500 pounds for over 40 years in these waters around Isabela Island. Finally Ecuagringo offers you a chance to make a trophy fish of a lifetime possible. We are the company that pioneered the outrages striped marlin bite in the Galapagos Islands and now we offer the best opportunities for big blue marlin.

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Why Do Giant Blue Marlin Congregate In The Waters Off Isabela Island

Just a short 8 mile run from the port town of Puerto Villamil you will find a drop-off that goes from 600 to 6000 feet. This incredible wall will help push squid and a whole food chain of bait near the surface. On a common day of fishing you will witness many birds, seas lions, sharks and other predators picking off smaller baitfish.

Unlike the famous shallower banks where we fish for striped marlin in the Galapagos, the blue marlin tend to prefer the deeper drops near Isabela Island. On a typical day of fishing anglers will usually average 1 to 3 bites of blue marlin but days with 5 to 10 bites are not uncommon. The average fish from Isabela Island is 600 to 900 pounds with granders often in the mix.

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The size of these fish leave no doubt that these are large females coming to feed on the plentiful schools of tuna, bonito, squid and mackerel found in these waters. The Panama, Equatorial, Humboldt and Cromwell currents all meet in the Galapagos. Perhaps no other place on the planet has such a combination and concentration of marine life.

What To Expect When Traveling to Ecuador, Galapagos And Isabela Island

Ecuagringo makes your trip as easy and as seamless as possible. We take care of almost every detail from the moment you clear customs in Guayaquil, Ecuador. Just a short 4 hour flight from Miami or Fort Lauderdale, Florida, Ecuador is not that far away. Our hosts and guides will help you with everything you need to do once you arrive to see you on to the Galapagos Islands.

Most travelers will overnight in Guayaquil and fly to the Galapagos the next day. Our host will greet you once you clear Galapagos National Park filters in either Baltra or San Cristobal Island. Once you have your luggage we will transfer you by boat or plane to Isabela Island.

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Isabela Island and all of the Galapagos have virtually no crime to tourist so you and your family can rest easy and enjoy your stay in safety. Isabela Island has a population of just under 3,600 people. Long beaches, a few restaurants and a town where everything is within walking distance make it very welcoming. Some of the most amazing tours in all of the Galapagos are found on Isabela Island.

Last Minute Availability To Charter A Boat In Prime 2021 Season

Ecuagringo has 3 boats outfitted with fighting chair and proper 80 and 130 tackle to target the biggest of marlin in the Pacific Ocean. All our boats are 36 foot sport fishers built in Ecuador and ready to fish the waters in the Galapagos. We still have at least one boat open to fish most of April and May 2021. Call us today 754-7031991 for more information or to book your fishing trip of a lifetime. Don’t pass up this opportunity to target your blue marlin experience of a lifetime.

Incredible Giant Blue Marlin Shared Boat Charter For 2022, Isabela Island

Looking to book a trip with legitimate shots at a large or grander marlin? Can’t get anyone to go with you or you can’t afford a whole trip on your own? Here is your chance for a no nonsense 6 days of fishing to be shared with a maximum of 4 anglers. Isabela Island offers the best chances in the Pacific at giant marlin. We do not offer very many shared trips but this is one you should not pass up. Blue, black and striped marlin area all possible from the waters off Isabela Island. Our package includes almost everything you need.

Our all inclusive package is as follows:

  • 6 full days fishing out of Isabela Island on a 36 foot sport fisher with maximum of 5 anglers per boat
  • Captain, crew and all tackle
  • 7 days lodging in double rooms during your stay on Isabela Island
  • Breakfast & lunches included
  • Ferry boat transfer between islands, hosting services and guides

If you wish to add a few days to tour or customize your package you can do so

Not Included:

  • International or domestic airfare
  • Island hopper flight
  • Dinners
  • Tips
  • Liquor

Dates available for this unique opportunity:
April 1 to 6, 2022

Price per angler USD 5,850

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