Galapagos Islands Fishing Updates & News May 2020

May 2, 2020Promotions

First Galapagos Islands Fishing Report For May 2020?

Yes you read it right! We have a fishing report of sorts from San Cristobal Island. Tourism remains closed as the islands are on strict quarantine so no sport fishing is going on at the moment.

Our mate Julio Rodriguez went fishing on his personal skiff May 1, 2020 to 0-30 to look for tuna and meat fish. Instead he found the bank loaded with striped marlin, birds, sea lions and dolphins.

The striped marlin were slashing sardines on the surface and Julio counted in the matter of less than one hour over 20 tailers. He caught two striped marlin and kept one as food.

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Locals are allowed to eat marlin. He noted that the fish were solid 170 and 200 pounds estimated. Julio believes that if an Ecuagringo boat would have been fishing it would have been a very productive day.

He fished for under 6 minutes and raised two and caught one. Then he trolled for about another 10 minutes and raised 2 and released 1.

Total time fishing, fighting and release of both fish was under 1 hour on the Bank 0-30. The Galapagos continue to have great amounts of striped marlin and May has been an excellent month to fish the last 4 years.

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When Will I Be Able To Book Galapagos

Ecuagringo is monitoring the situation in the Galapagos Islands closely with our staff and local authorities. Anglers have been calling us asking about summer fishing and at this point we just don’t know if we will be able to serve anyone wanting to fish June or July 2020.

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The Ecuadorian government has been sending mixed messages about reopening certain sectors of the country sometime in May. At this moment we are not yet booking any summer trips 2020 until we are absolutely sure the Galapagos will be open.

We are taking future bookings starting November 2020. If you want to fish this coming summer please e-mail us and we will keep you informed if the Galapagos open up to tourism. Summertime is great for last minute trips as the islands are usually not a busy with tourist.

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