Galapagos Continues To Impress With Its World Class Tuna Bite!

Apr 12, 2018Promotions

Fellow Anglers,

One thing is to tell you about it and the other is to experience just how good the topwater yellowfin and big eye tuna bite is in the Galapagos Islands. Here are a few numbers just in the month of April:

Two boats (On The Hook & Jhonamar 2) fishing a total 15 days between them between April 1 and April 11, 2018 have reported a total of almost 1300 plus bites just from tuna. They have released over 450 tuna and caught nearly 600. The best part is all of it has been casting top water plugs. This does not consider wahoo, jacks, mahi mahi, grouper, snapper and other fish caught while casting. We have only asked our boats to keep written records beginning in April due to the increasing interest in this particular fishery.

What makes the Galapagos Island such a fertile feeding and reproduction ground for bonito, yellowfin, big eye and other species is the mixture of cold and warm currents, endless supplies of flying fish, squid, krill and sardines. The bite is year round but tends to peak January to May when seas are calmest making it easier for anglers to cast.

To celebrate such good fishing an encourage more anglers to give us a try we are running a very special offer:

Book a 4 days or more of fishing on a platinum level itinerary and get an extra day of fishing for free!

Offer good to fish any available dates for 2018 or 2019 but package must be booked and paid in full by April 30, 2018 for San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands only! Must be an all inclusive package.

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