El Niño Extends The Galapagos Islands Warm Water Marlin Season Into The Summer

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The Galapagos Islands are known arguably as the best marlin fishing in the Pacific for the number of striped marlin year round.  Most days anytime of the year you can count on raising double digit numbers of striped marlin.  However blue marlin and a few black marlin are present when waters stays 75 F and up.

When El Niño events happen sea temperatures stay warmer longer and seasons can be prolonged into the summer or even all year.  2018 was an El Niño event that kept waters warm until August.  We experienced one of the best blue and black marlin summers on record in the Galapagos in 2018.

We still have some limited dates open to fish on some of our boats for the this summer 2023.  If you are thinking of getting away for the perfect last minute vacation with your family, the kids, father and son or just want shots at striped and blue marlin then you need to book the Galapagos Islands with Ecuagringo.

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We have the boats and the necessary custom tackle to chase marlin.  Call us today to get your open dates.  Besides the potential to hook up into a giant blue marlin or catch multiple striped marlin the same day you will have the opportunity to snorkel with sea lions, penguins, sea horses and the vast marine life.  The Galapagos are safe with virtually no crime to tourist.

Book today for a custom package and get 20% OFF your complete package price for fishing summer 2023.

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