Did You Last Fishing Trip Suck 2.0?

Oct 25, 2019Promotions

A Few Words…

Since we last released this promo October 25, 2019 the correspondence from our readers and followers has been overwhelming and heartwarming at times. As many of us sit here still prohibited from fishing by authorities thanks to the COVID19 we feel your pain. Just like you, we are anglers too and love the great outdoors.

We would have never started this company if we did not like to be on the water. The sport fishing industry has been producing videos, press releases, mass emails and whatever media we can to try to stay relevant in these difficult times. These are very hard circumstances for the fishing and travel industry. The Galapagos Islands remain closed at the moment and we are monitoring to know when they will be reopened.

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The Ecuadorian government was hit very hard by the pandemic as the country has been depending on slumping oil prices. The previous government stands accused of stealing over 60 billion USD making it very difficult to combat COVID19. Add to the fact that Ecuador uses the US Dollar as the local currency so printing money is out of the option.

We are thankful for the letters of support by our anglers and readers and hope to be able to serve you in the near future. Our crews can’t wait to be back on the water as soon as possible. It is our hope that you are staying safe and can hopefully recover soon from this economic disaster.

From our Ecuagringo family to your we hope to keep those reels screaming soon!

Braden Escobar
Founder Ecuagringo

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Went On A Fishing Trip Only To Get There & It Was Not What You Expected?

Taking a fishing trip and not having it live up to your expectations can really suck. You plan, spend the money and put the time to go and it just does not come out as you would have hoped. Let’s face it, when you travel to fish and the bite is not there or maybe has not been there for year things can be pretty disappointing.

What if there was a place that offers various incredible fishing options for marlin, tuna, wahoo, grouper and more so if one species is not biting you can go and try for another? Want a place that offers much more than just fishing such as snorkeling with sea lions, sea turtles, penguins and sharks? Well there is such an exotic and unique fishing paradise and its name is Galapagos Islands.

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Why Should You Fish The Galapagos Islands

While no one can control fish stocks or guarantee you will catch fish in the ocean you can increase your chances by going to destinations with high success rates. Destinations like Guatemala, Costa Rica and Panama unquestionably have great fisheries. However, they are also very dependent on a major current. It just takes some green water to move in and your fishing trip has ended before it even started.

What do most of these fisheries have in common? They all have to head West and fish basically the same area day after day. If the bite is off there really is nowhere else to go. This is not a problem in the Galapagos Islands. Because you would be leaving from an island to fish your crew can take you East, West, North and South. There is always an area that holds fish and a current that contributes to catching them.

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Besides the wide options of tours, activities and site seeing, the Galapagos offer some of the world’s best striped marlin fishing, topwater tuna fishing, bottom fishing and giant blue marlin shots. Ecuagringo will help you customize the right package for you.

You can mix fishing, snorkeling, diving, kayaking, horseback riding, hiking, beaches and much more. The marlin action is year round and our 3 boats have already raised over 8,300 marlin in 2019. Most fishing days boats raised 5, 20, 30, 50 and even over 100 marlin in a day. Our striped marlin are not small either. Most fish average 150 to 250 pounds.

Each year around 250 to 350 anglers fish with us and almost every single angler leaves having caught multiple fish. The Galapagos are located in a very unique conversion of major currents that mix cooler Humboldt Current waters with currents such as Panama and Equatorial coming from the North and the East.

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The mixture attracts vast amounts of sardines, anchovies, squid, bonito, yellowfin tuna, bigeye tuna and other smaller fish that are important on the pelagic food chain. Marlin anglers benefit the most as large amounts of marlin follow the baitfish. The banks and seamounts that are numerous in between islands are prime feeding grounds for billfish and will help concentrate sizable stocks on them.

The seemingly endless bottom structure makes it a great place to jig or bottom fish in 30 to 3000 feet of water for grouper, tilefish, swordfish, jacks, snapper and many other types of bottom dwelling gamefish. The topwater action for tuna can be second to none. Shots at grander blue marlin out of Isabela Island are real.

Whatever you prefer to fish for, you will find something in the Galapagos. Let us put together a dream trip of a lifetime to the world’s most productive fishing waters. Safe, easy to get to and with incredible fishing make the Galapagos a top destination on any anglers bucket list.

Contact Ecuagringo to plan your marlin fishing charter vacation!

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