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May 4, 2018Promotions

The Galapagos Islands Offer Some Terrific Shots At Blue, Black & Striped Marlin Plus Tuna & Wahoo:

Blue marlin: From December to May
Black marlin: January to April
Striped marlin: All year
Yellow fin tuna: All year but calmest waters December to May for topwater action
Bigeye tuna: All year
Wahoo: All year
Bottom fishing: All year

The Galapagos Islands have established themselves as one of the world’s premier marlin and tuna fishing destinations. Safe and family friendly islands that offer incredible fishing, snorkeling, diving, island hopping and adventures. Our packages include almost everything you need so you can enjoy yourself while there.

Our team will put together the custom package that is right for you. The Galapagos are a destination of a lifetime where the whole family can enjoy. We have a package that is right for your budget. Contact us today!

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