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The Galapagos Islands are the best place to fish for marlin (striped, blue, black or even grander), wahoo and tuna.

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The Galapagos Islands are the place if you want the trip of a lifetime to take friends, family, spouse or all of them.
Legendary marlin fishing, more tuna than perhaps anywhere in the world, hot wahoo fishing, terrific bottom fishing and soon deep drop daytime sword fishing.
The Galapagos Islands are for nature lovers in a relaxing and wild setting.
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Safe and Family Oriented Vacation

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Besides Fishing, the Galapagos offer incredible diving, snorkeling, exploring, island hopping, honeymooning and much more...

Fish with the ones who started the fishery in Galapagos.

Wether you are a seasoned angler or a first time billfisher you want to increases your chances at more fish. The Galapagos Islands produce more consistent striped marlin, giant blue marlin, top water tuna and bottom fishing than almost anywhere else on the planet.

For those interested in all play and no work, using a vacation planning service & outfitter like Ecuagringo can mean having more time for fun.

Ecuagringo has customized vacations for hundreds of families and anglers to experience the best natural wonders the Galapagos has to offer.

Since 1993 we have been putting together adventure vacations to the Galapagos Islands and all over South America. Developing fisheries and making exotic touring a reality in underdeveloped locations is part of what we do.

Ecuagringo was the first company to pioneer and make the incredible high volume striped marlin fishery available to anglers over 20 years ago.

What's in for You:

Our packages include:

Host to help you at the airport reception and hotel transfers in Guayaquil and Galapagos Islands
Private charter with captain, crew and tackle
Fishing equipment (of course you're very welcome to bring your own gear)
Lunch, snacks and beverages onboard
Lodging in Guayaquil and Galapagos Islands

Not included:

INGALA Migration card (USD 20.00 per person)
Galapagos National Park admission (currently USD 100.00 per person)
Travel insurance
International and domestic flights

We take care of all the details to make your trip something unforgettable!

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Frequently Asked Questions:

May you fish in the Galapagos Islands?

Yes fishing has been regulated since 2007. As long as you fish on one of our authorized boats you are fully legal and no fishing licenses are required. At this company boats and crews come with everything you need.

Is Galapagos a safe place?

Yearly statistics show that the Galapagos have one of the lowest crime rates, virtually insignificant when compared to other places in the world with total populations around 40,000 inhabitants.

Each island has organized police presence, navy men and plenty of friendly locals that know the tourist is sacred and should be protected at all costs.

The islands are 600 miles away from the continental coast of Ecuador making it too far for any kind of piracy. All boats comply and are inspected each year with strict Ecuadorean Navy standards.

Are the Galapagos Islands a good place to bring the family and kids?

Children of all ages seem to enjoy the wildlife and activities in the Galapagos. However for a child to perhaps enjoy the Galapagos more we recommend them being at least 4 years old. Due to lack of crime in the towns and low population the Galapagos are safe for everyone. There are activities for folks of all ages to enjoy.

The islands are 600 miles away from the continental coast of Ecuador making it too far for any kind of piracy. All boats comply and are inspected each year with strict Ecuadorean Navy standards.

Do credit cards work?

Most establishments, restaurants, bars and souvenir shops will accept credit cards. However park and government fees are usually paid in cash. Small shops and taxis may deal in cash only.

Do I need a visa for Ecuador or the Galapagos Islands?

No visa is required for most guest from North America, Europe and Asia. An Ingala migrations card is obtained in the airport in Guayaquil prior to your flight to Galapagos.

May I bring my own gear?

Yes, of course you can. Our boats are equipped with fly gear, but, please feel free to bring your own rod, reel and tackle with you.

The only thing you must be aware is the weight you can carry on the flights. You can bring your hand luggage and 2 bags of 23 kg each. More than that, maybe you will have to pay overweight.

May I customize a non fishing trip?

Yes we have for many years now specialized in custom vacations for non-fishers as well. You do not have to buy a fishing package but you do need to buy a complete touring/lodging package for us to cater to you. We also customize vacations all over Ecuador and Peru.

What other activities are available and may my wife and non-fishers enjoy something else while I fish?

There are many activities to enjoy such as surfing, exploring, hiking, snorkeling, diving, beaches, island hopping and much more. We can arrange all types of exciting adventures simultaneously while you fish. Our host are specialist in taking care of those not fishing. Let us customize your tours and activities.

May I add a package to Andes Mountains or to see Machu Picchu in Peru?

Since Ecuagringo was formerly a hunting out tter all over South America we still arrange vacations to almost anywhere on the West coast of South America. Some of the most popular additions are to visit in Ecuador the Andes Mountains and the Amazon Jungle. We also have many request for custom travel to Peru to see Cusco, Machu Picchu, Sacred Valley and Nazca Lines.

Will my phone and internet work?

We have found that most international carriers will work with local roaming carriers and generally cell phone service is ok to communicate while in town.

However, beware of internet as it is very slow on phones, hotels and everywhere in town. If you are looking to work heavily on the internet after fishing or schedule a conference video call you may want to program it for when you are back in Guayaquil.

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