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Peru is considered one of the most archeologically rich countries in South America.  It covers 496,225 square  miles and has approximately 1,500 miles of coastline.  Much of the coast and country as a whole is desert due to low rain caused by the cooler Humboldt Current that has a major influence on the country over half of the year.

Peru’s heritage dates  back to the 10th millennium BCE.  Several indigenous cultures and the Inca Empire left their mark in the form of temples, rock ports, prehistoric cave paintings and burial sites.  Two of the most famous archeological sites are Machu Picchu and Nazca Lines.

Some of the best seafood cuisine is found in Peru.  Visitors can delight in the many dishes and pisco (local liquor) that have made Peruvian gastronomy famous world over.

Peru has 3 major regions you can explore:
1- Coastal deserts
2- Andes Mountains
3- The Amazon Rainforest

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