Why Choose The Galapagos Islands:

Mar 7, 2018Newsletter

Safe, friendly and family oriented, wild destination for some of the best marlin, tuna and wahoo fishing on the planet!

If you are looking for a place that is a trip of a lifetime to take friends, family, spouse or all of them then you need to consider the Galapagos Islands as next on your list. Legendary marlin fishing, more tuna than perhaps anywhere in the world, hot wahoo fishing, terrific bottom fishing and soon deep drop daytime sword fishing. But it does not end there! Galapagos offer incredible diving, snorkeling, exploring, island hopping, honeymooning and much more.

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2016 statistics show that the Galapagos have one of the lowest crime rates, virtually insignificant when compared to other places in the world with total populations around 40,000 inhabitants. Each island has organized police presence, navy men and plenty of friendly locals that know the tourist is sacred and should be protected at all costs. The islands are 600 miles away from the continental coast of Ecuador making it too far for any kind of piracy. All boats comply and are inspected each year with strict Ecuadorean Navy standards.

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The striped marlin fishing speaks for itself with some of the hottest action possible. The blue and black marlin fishing aren’t bad but the tuna and wahoo bite steal the show with double digit days quite regular. If you are looking at big or small game then this is a place that offers it all. If you like to bottom fish, jig or deep drop then the amount of endless bottom structure is sure to please.

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Getting There:

Guayaquil City, Ecuador is the main port of entry to the Galapagos Islands. All travelers must clear customs in Guayaquil which is a short 4 hour flight from Miami, Florida. Several of the major airline carriers have several nonstop flights a day to Guayaquil. Most guest overnight in Guayaquil before flying out the next day to the islands.


How do the Galapagos compare to other major destinations. The Galapagos can be pricey or very much within range of Costa Rica, Hawaii, US Virgin Islands and Panama. We offer economic, standard and platinum level custom itineraries to fit your budget. Contact us today and we will customize the package that is right for you.

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