Popping for Tuna and Top Water Gamefish?

Feb 17, 2018Newsletter

The Galapagos Islands offer good numbers of fish ready to crash your plug!

Top water fish on poppers

Ecuagringo has for over 20 years provided some of the best marlin fishing in South America and the Galapagos Islands but did you know that top water fishing for various species has for year been popular? The light tackle top water craze has been growing tremendously to the point that about 1/3 of our anglers in Galapagos are now strictly fishing for tuna, jacks, wahoo, mahi mahi and even marlin by casting top water plugs at them. If you want plenty of shots at hungry and aggressive top water fish then you need to give the Galapagos Islands a shot. Most anglers experience double digit bites of big eye, yellow fin, almaco jacks and mahi-mahi while fishing structure, reefs, banks and FADs.

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Marlin on poppers?

Big eye and yellow fin tuna can be seen busting on the surface regularly in the Galapagos or feeding around structure and FADs. However for many years Ecuagringo crews have been teasing marlin just like the would in fly fishing and casting poppers with spinning rods. This is an exciting method of catching striped marlin on light tackle. Marlin are teased closed to the transom and the captain takes the engines out of gear signaling to the anglers to cast just as they would to present a fly.

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Fly fishing for tuna

Another popular tactic is catching tuna with flies. Naturally a favorite type of fly is a floating popper which can create quite a bit of disturbance on the surface enticing bites from aggressive big eye, yellow fin and bonito which are all very common in the Galapagos. As the tackle advances; anglers are using lighter rods and gear to catch these powerful swimmers. With most tuna in the Galapagos averaging 15 to 65# they are the perfect size on light fly tackle.

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