November 2021 Galapagos Islands Fishing Newsletter

Nov 4, 2021Newsletter

Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Costa Rica Sign Agreement To Non Fishing Migration Corridor

After 17 years of working on the idea of forming a commercial fishing free corridor it was finally agreed to at the climate summit in Glasgow this year. 4 countries which all have commercial fishing skin in the game agreed to set aside 500,000 square kilometers of Pacific Ocean to allow highly migratory species to thrive here.  The consensus seems to be to alleviate pressure on all species as they use these waters to migrate, feed and reproduce.

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The area adds 60,000 kilometers to the Galapagos Islands protected waters and spans North to Cocos Island (Costa Rica), Coiba Island (Panama), Malpelo and Gorgona islands (Colombia).  This is a large step in the right direction if these countries are to curve over fishing from Chinese and their own fleets.  The Eastern Pacific waters from Costa Rica to Ecuador are home to largest variety of tropical Pacific migratory species of fish, whales and birds.

Santa Cruz & San Cristobal Islands Offer The Most Reliable Striped Marlin Fishing Year Round

It had been 23 years since Ecuagringo offered the first vessel for fishing charters out of Santa Cruz Island, Galapagos.  Today we are the only outfitter that continues to provide anglers the best boats, crews and options to fish Santa Cruz and San Cristobal islands.  These are two of the best destinations the world has to offer for incredible striped marlin fishing.  As long as sardines are present the bite can happen year round.  The last 5 years have been on fire so if you want to have 5 to 100 shots at striped marlin daily then you should book one of the islands to fish.  Santa Cruz offers more nightlife and daily touring diversity.  San Cristobal offers more banks to fish and has an advantage of having more options of where to fish for striped marlin than Santa Cruz.  Our staff will be happy to work with you to guide you on what option may be best for you.

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Isabela Island: Grander Blue Marlin & The Best Adventure Tours In All Of The Galapagos

Isabela Island is the largest island in the archipelago.  It is also our favorite island for many reasons.  The best giant blue marlin bite in the Pacific, endless bottom structure to jig or deep drop, proximity to all fishing, lots of swordfish and the best snorkeling and nature tours arguably in all of the Galapagos.  The island is quite large at about 90 kilometers long.  With a population of around 3,500 it is quiet and laid back.

The main beach sits in front of town and spans about 3 miles.  Conditions are usually good to swim and even surf just out front. You can kayak in the bay with Galapagos penguins, gannets, sea lions and pelicans or you can take a tour to visit the Sierra Negra Volcano.  There are other snorkel tours by boat such as Tunnels that are quite popular to snorkel with a variety of aquatic life.  The number of large blue marlin found starting just 8 miles offshore make it an easy choice for those looking to increase their chances at a grander.

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The Galapagos Islands Are Open To All Tourist

The Galapagos where one of the first places to open back up during the pandemic.  99% of the population has been vaccinated for COVID.  Feel free to come and enjoy a safe stay in the Galapagos Islands.  COVID protocols are set each month but generally require travelers to be vaccinated or have a PCR Test no more than 3 days old.

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