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Aug 10, 2023Newsletter

San Cristobal Striped Marlin Bite 2023 Has Been Fantastic

The ongoing fishing year has been one of the best on record. Plenty of striped marlin almost everyday fished so far. The mean average has been 23 striped marlin raised per day if we take all the boats and days fished by Ecuagringo. We even had some 70 plus raises per day this year. The striped marlin have been big with most fish averaging 150 to 200 pounds this year. Waters continue to stay warm due to El Niño and fishing has been strong in July and August.

The Galapagos Islands offer the best year round fishery to roll the dice for striped marlin. Besides marlin tuna, wahoo and bottom fishing are also very good if you want variety in your trip. Add to great fishing some fantastic diving, snorkeling, tours and much more. San Cristobal is one of the safest island destinations in the world.

Long Range Mothership Assisted 2025 Dates Available

If you wanted to explore and fish the far reaches of the Galapagos Islands like few or none have then this is your chance. Ecuagringo offers a couple of customizable options to fit your budget and level of amenities to go beyond where most anglers have ever gone. We have the option to keep it simple using a basic mothership or choose from an available cruiser to meet more demanding expectations. No one else in the Galapagos has the boats, the tackle and the knowhow to offer such unique excursions.

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We are now preparing trips for 2025 as these custom expeditions require longer lead time to organize and provide the correct vessels. You can choose to focus on going into rarely or never fished blue marlin waters well beyond where usual charters go or stay closer to the famous striped marlin haunts allowing you to spend more time on the water.

Ecuagringo is the only outfitter in the Galapagos capable and able to offer long range mothership assisted fishing trips. We have the boats, the 80# and 130# tackle to fish for the biggest of marlin in the far corners of the archipelago.

New Ecuagringo Boat Coming Into 2023 Lineup

Ecuagringo is always at the forefront of the new tackle and latest boats available in the Galapagos Islands. We are equipping a brand new 42 ft sportfisher for San Cristobal Island to chase striped marlin in the best possible style in the Galapagos. Brand new custom rods and Alutecnos reels will be available to all Ecuagringo guest to fish on our boats.

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Limited February to May 2024 Dates For Isabela Island Giant Blue Marlin

If you want to fish the best waters in the Pacific for possible shots at big or even grander marlin then look no further than Isabela Island in the Galapagos. Isabela Island is unique with its active volcano, snorkeling tours with penguins, bicycling, hiking and one of the best loca beaches. The blue marlin fishery for the size of the fish is second to none.

Time is running out to book the only boats well equipped and available to take on the biggest of blue marlin. Ecuagringo has 80# and 130# Alutecnos reels and custom rods made to target the behemoths of the deep.

Beware Of Ride Along Agents Posing As Legitimate Agents To Sell Galapagos Fishing Trips

Recently there have been some unscrupulous individuals and scam artists trying to sell trips to fish in the Galapagos Islands. Anyone who offers to ride along is a sign that they do not trust the crews and boats and have a very weak operation. These agents are not experienced and do not know the waters and areas of the Galapagos like some of the outfitters operating here over 20 years.

Trust only a complete outfitter that has the know-how and the gear to fly fish, pitch bait, light tackle and heavy tackle to take you after all the marlin species in the Galapagos. Scam artists come and go but established outfitters like Ecuagringo have long standing skin in the game and have built a name and a reputation. You can even look us up on TripAdvisor to learn about our 5 star reviews and #1 Outdoor Activity for San Cristobal Island and 2023 Certificate of Excellence!

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