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Mar 25, 2018Newsletter

The Galapagos Islands Are Serious On Delivering Hot Tuna & Wahoo Top Water Action

Ecuagringo hosts hundreds of anglers each year in the Galapagos Islands. For the past 18 years it was mostly anglers chasing billfish on light tackle, fly or spinning gear. Things are fast changing as now half of our guest are heading to the Galapagos more and more to fish the incredible top water tuna and wahoo bite. All of 2018 has gone strong now with bites in the double digits of yellowfin tuna, big eye tuna and wahoo. Most fish are averaging 15 to 65 pounds but fish over 100 pounds are no strangers. With various reefs, structures, banks, drop offs and FADs there is usually a spot where the action is going on. The response to this incredible feeding frenzy has been with bookings in 2019 prime season at an all time high. Tuna and wahoo are found year round in Galapagos but anglers prefer December to May for warmer and calmer waters and January to April are considered absolute peak times.

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Daytime Swordfishing Coming To Galapagos in 2019

Yes it is official! Thanks to the positive response from anglers across the globe inquiring about swordfishing in the Galapagos Islands we will have at least one boat equipped for the 2019 season with LP 1200 electric reels. Now you will be able to deep drop 1500, 2000 and beyond 2500 feet for swordfish and large groupers. The many sea mounts, structured bottom and enormous amounts of squid make the Galapagos a prime swordfish feeding ground.

New Boat In Manta – Ecuador

Captain Andres Calero is at the helm of the 33ft express sportfisher Miura. This boat has already produced significant blue and striped marlin catches and is equipped with LP 1200 electric reel to pull dredges and to daytime swordfish. May is just around the corner and blue marlin bite will start heating up. If you are looking for productive blue and striped marlin hotspot that is easy to get to and friendly then look no further than Manta. Most blue marlin in Many average 200 to 400 pounds but fish over 500 pounds will come into the spread now and then. Striped marlin are no strangers to Manta and there are days where multiple and double digit raises of striped marlin are common.

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Take Advantage Of March Special! Ends March 31, 2018

Book your 2019 fishing vacation to any Ecuagringo destination and pay in full by March 31, 2018 and get 5% off total package price. You need to hurry as offer ends midnight March 31, 2018 and will not be available again this year.

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Cabo Blanco, Peru What’s Happening?

Ecuagringo has teamed up with a local outfitter to continue offering fishing packages on a 42 foot sportfisher. Mancora Bank has been providing a decent bite with striped marlin and some blue marlin. The question we are often asked is what about the black marlin? While there are a few black marlin around we cannot say that the 1000 pound plus fish of the 50’s are still around. However, after further research we have found that certain anomalies with currents and weather caused by Ell Nino very few years brings unusually warm water from Australian currents. This may explain why under certain warm water currents and conditions large black marlin may have migrated in months where water was usually cold to feed off the coast of Peru.

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