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Sep 15, 2018Newsletter

It’s hard to believe that we are in September and so much has happened in all our destinations in South America. Ecuagringo continues to offer the best boats, crews and tackle to fish in Ecuador, Galapagos Island and Peru. Our company works diligently to to train and prepare each destination to serve our anglers and guest as best as possible. If you are looking for a proven outfitter to take your worries away from start to finish then look no further.

Isabela Island, Galapagos Giant Marlin

Since we first reported on the giant marlin of Isabela Island, Galapagos this summer we have already booked a few charters for the 2019 season. Isabela Island offers drop-offs that go from 600 to 6000 feet of water. Ecuagringo has on order a new set of custom 80# and 130# rods from Chaos Tackle in Florida to handle the giant blue and black marlin that swim the waters off Isabela Island. For over 20 years we had our eyes fixed on fishing these waters and the few times we did we were usually reward with action from fish ranging 400 to over 1000 pounds in the past.

However, lately we have partnered with a local artisanal fisherman who has become sort of an island legend for landing fishing consistently 600 to 1400 pounds and catching them from a dead boat with dead bait. Anglers fishing these waters are not allowed to kill marlin as all marlin are release only in the Galapagos. The waters off Isabela Island are known to produce huge big eye tuna, wahoo and swordfish which area all fair game to eat. Besides reefs, drop-offs and relatively close fishing that starts 8 miles from port there is a FAD 14 miles away that attracts giant marlin.

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The Ecuagringo team fishing only a few hours one morning onboard On The Hook with Captain Gus Hernandez raised a black marlin around 400# and a blue marlin about 700# with water that was 73 F. The team fished July which is a cold water month but the most productive months are usually December to May when seas are calmest and warmest. We believe there is no better place in South America to give you consistent shots at large marlin like the Galapagos Islands. If you are looking to book a shot at grander marlin in the Galapagos there are still some limited dates for 2019 and 2020. Four days of fishing minimum are required to book Isabela Island. Call or e-mail us today to book your shot at a fish of a lifetime.

San Cristobal Island Is Having A Stellar Year On Striped Marlin

The Galapagos Islands are famous for being perhaps the most consistent daily double digit marlin fishery in the world. However, the fishing from 2012 to 2017 did not live up to its expectations of 30 to to 70 plus marlin raises per day during the prime season. In 2018 we had a phenomenal bite of striped and blue marlin from January to February and the it picked up April to early July again. It has since been on and off but most groups fishing out of season have been able to experience some incredible days in August and September but with rougher water. The 2019 prime season which runs December to May is already 85% sold out. If you want to fish the bets striped marlin waters in the world and catch stripeys 150 to 250# average on light tackle then you need to book now.

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Top Water Tuna Fishing In The Galapagos Unbeatable

Hard to believe that there exists a place where you can catch blue, black and striped marlin plus yellowfin and big eye tuna all in one trip? Yes the Galapagos islands are that kind of place but 2018 has delivered another incredible year with anglers experiencing yellowfin and big eye tuna top water action of 10 to 100 bites per day. If you want to test your gear hooking up to tunas from 25 to 100 pounds then this is the trip for you. There are endless structures, reefs, drop-offs and sea mounts for you to find hungry tuna on the surface. The Galapagos Islands are a nursery ground for spawning and breeding that produce the most consistent tuna bite found anywhere in the world. Imagine casting to acres of fish boils and getting a bite almost every cast? The abundance of bait and tuna make it a destination for serious topwater anglers.

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Looking For A Family Vacation Of A Lifetime?

If you want a place that is safe and virtually crime free to enjoy without worries then you should consider visiting the Galapagos Islands. Ecuagringo can customize any type of package for you to visit one or various islands. Snorkel with sea lions, sharks, rays, penguins and much more. There are many volcanic beaches to relax and enjoy and places to explore. The wildlife is unique and every island has a special touch from nature. Stay in the best lodging and get one on one attention from the best hosts, guides and staff in the Galapagos. Let Ecuagringo put together the vacation of a lifetime that is right for you.

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Want To Fish The Legendary Waters Off Cabo Blanco, Peru?

You have probably read about and seen the pictures from the 1950’s that Alfred Glassell made famous with his giant black marlin and tuna catches from the waters of Peru? Well if you ever dreamed of fishing the waters that inspired Hemingway now you can. Ecuagringo has partnered with Juan Pablo Testino to offer the first boat actively doing charters to fish the waters from Punta Sal to Cabo Blanco. There are giant wahoo over 100 pounds caught regularly in these waters. Tuna are found around the gas rigs and marlin are no strangers. You can target black and striped marlin 2 to 10 miles out or run 23 miles to the Mancora Bank which is famous for striped marlin in large numbers. Combine your fishing trip with a visit to Cusco and Machu Picchu and you have a vacation like nowhere else. Ecuagringo takes care of everything you just have to book and go.

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Fly Fishing For Marlin?

If you like catching fish with a fly rod then there is only one outfitter capable of providing the captain, crew and tackle prepared to fish for marlin on fly. Ecuagringo boats have caught more marlin on fly in the Galapagos for almost 20 years. We understand the team work that goes into raising, teasing and providing the conditions for a good cast at an angry billfish. With the numbers of striped marlin in the Galapagos anglers will find their best chances at scoring on fly.

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