Marlin & Tuna Fishing August 2017 Newsletter

Aug 3, 2017Newsletter

Fellow Anglers:

Where in South America are the big marlin?

We recently have been getting calls & emails from anglers interested in fishing the best destinations in South America for large blue, black marlin and swordfish. Several great spots come to mind of which some we cover and others we don’t or not yet. For example; Canavieiras Brazil, is known for producing grander blue marlin off the Royal Charlotte Bank but not well known by many in the international angling community. Did you know that Chile has produced several swordfish over 1000 lbs in the past? However commercial records indicate that the most consistent sword fishery for large fish (over 500#) has consistently been Peru for the past 10 years. Here is another piece of information that is probably not well know and that is Manta-Ecuador has a true year round season for blue marlin. Unlike Costa Rica’s smaller blue marlin off the fads, the blue marlin in Manta tend to average a bit more in size around 300# with fish 500 to 800# raised almost every week of the year. The Galapagos Islands are anther hotspot where in the last 6 years black marlin 400 to 900# have been released every season with some fish lost considered to be very close to the magical 1000# mark. All billfish are released in Galapagos so no chance to bring one to the scales to know for sure. Another overlooked spot producing large marlin but barely fished every year is Esmeraldas in Northern Ecuador. In 2016 and this year the few boats fishing there had incredible days with double digit shots at blue, black and striped marlin. A Colombian angler who has been fishing Esmeraldas the last few years off and on claimed he fought a black marlin estimated over 1200# for 6 hours plus before pulling the hook in January 2016. Finally, there is a place in the Pacific that cannot be overlooked and will be an up and coming international destination and that is Bahia Solano, Colombia. Probably one of the best kept secrets sits in North Colombia almost at the border with Panama on the Pacific side. At the moment Bahia Solano does not have a charter fleet ready to tackle marlin. Mainly pangas going after jacks, grouper, tuna and snapper, it attracts local tourist and international travelers on a budget. The underwater mountain range that ends in the Galapagos at its highest point starts offshore of Colombia and Panama. Marlin seem to use this mountain range as part of their migration pattern to and from Galapagos.

Big eye tuna

Big eye tuna are very similar to yellow fin tuna in feeding habits, color, and appearance. Big eyes do not have the long sickle fins that yellowfin develop as they mature. One of the main differences seems to be that big eyes prefer to keep their range where the Humboldt current mixes in waters of 64 to 77 F. One of the main commercial producers of big eye tuna is Northern Peru. These tuna can grow in excess of 400# and are every bit the fighters of their cousins the yellowfin. Terrific game on light and medium tackle, catching these fish is becoming more and more popular with poppers. There is probably no better place in the world for a consistent big eye tuna bite than the Galapagos Islands. In over 23 years that Ecuagringo has been exploring or fishing in the Galapagos rare is the day when no tuna of any kind are to be found. They are often seen feeding on the surface near structure and banks. Most tuna caught on poppers in the Galapagos will go 5 to 100#. However big eye tuna 300# plus are caught every year. Days of 2 to 3 dozens bites of tuna in the Galapagos are not uncommon.

Ecuagringo offers adventure for the whole family

When considering that trip of a lifetime to take the whole family why go with a tour with a large company that buses you like cattle and limits what you can do? Ecuagringo gives you the option to customize your trips almost anywhere in South America the way your heart desires. If it is legal and physically possible to do chances are Ecuagringo can advise and customize a trip the way you want it. From learning to cook lamb with the gauchos in Argentine wine country to fishing the Amazon River in Brazil, or exploring Cusco & Machu Picchu with a personal host and guide in Peru, we have it all. Do you want a snorkeling with penguins, diving with sharks, swimming with sea turtles, beaches, volcano, relax in the sun, fishing, exploring, biking, kayaking, paddle boarding, surfing lessons or island hopping in the Galapagos Islands? Ecuagringo can make it possible with over 23 years guiding some of the most unusual hunts, fishing trips and adventures in South America. Take a high Andes Mountains photographic safari for game and birds that few people alive have seen. With 3 to 5 star lodging in many of our destinations we can make it as rustic or as comfortable as possible.

2018 dates booking up fast

Our prime dates for Galapagos & Manta are starting to fill up for 2018. So if you are thinking about going the time to contact us to plan your trip is now. Don’t wait as many dates get booked 6 months to a year and a half out! Christmas, spring break and summer are all high sought after dates for family with kids in school and college so booking well in advance is a must to secure the days you want.

Want a custom tournament for your group?

If you have a large group planning to fish 2 or more boats in any of our destinations (except Peru) we can organize a tournament with judges, observers, music, prizes, catering and everything you need to make the occasion a trip to remember. Ecuagringo can provide several boats in Galapagos and Manta for your group to enjoy.

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