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Oct 31, 2018Newsletter

Another Incredible Year For The Galapagos Islands!

The Galapagos Islands are a true angler’s paradise as it offers some of the best marlin, tuna, wahoo and grouper fishing on the planet. Few destinations have such consistent marlin and tuna bites that produce double digits on a regular basis. Not only are the Galapagos a unique place to fish but also a safe and wild destination. With standard and platinum lodging, good seafood, volcanic beach, snorkeling, diving, island hopping and some of the world’s best fishing in the Pacific the Galapagos Islands are a handful of adventure.

2018 has been a very special year with the return of sardines in great numbers the famous double digit striped marlin fishing bite has been back and going strong. The tuna has been at its peak with top water anglers enjoying some of the best tuna action anywhere to be found. Our boats have been equipped with brand new custom Chaos Tackle rods, Lindgren Pitman electric reels, dredges and everything you need for a perfect day chasing marlin, tuna, swordfish, wahoo, grouper or for that matter almost any legal fish that swims these waters.

If you are considering a trip of a lifetime or want to try your chances at some of the best fishing the world has to offer then Ecuagringo can make it happen. Our staff will customize the itinerary that is right for you and work to get you the perfect fishing and adventure package.

Forget Buying A Cruise To The Galapagos! Buy An Adventure Package Instead…

No need to buy a cruise in the Galapagos when you can do most of the activities. Most cruises tend to be even more expensive than a custom fishing or adventure package. Cruise ships have contributed for many years to politicians and influenced the laws and regulations in the Galapagos to their own advantage while hurting the locals. The ships herd tourist like cattle and do not allow much freedom and relaxation.

Booking a custom package to the Galapagos will allow you to sleep in a nice hotel instead of a boat and do the touring and exploring at your own pace. The cruise ships waste a lot of time navigating to farther Islands to justify showing and endemic or rare bird that supposedly only live on that island. Truth be know, most of the animals and birds can be seen by visiting 2 or 3 of the main islands, all of which we offer custom island hopping packages for.

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Still Time To Book A Shot At A Galapagos Grander Marlin

Are dreaming of a chance to go toe to toe with a giant blue or black marlin? Don’t want to spend the big bucks or go half way around the world? Then the Galapagos may be just the place for you. We still have limited dates available to fish Isabela Island and it 6000 ft drop-off and FADS. This area 8 to 14 miles from port offers the best chances at grander marlin in South America from December to May. All marlin are release only but you will generally have daily shots of fish 600 plus. Locals have caught blue marlin up to 1400 lbs in this area. You might be the next angler. Isabela Island offers luxury and rustic accommodations, wonderful tours, great food and fabulous fun for the whole family.

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Top Water Tuna Action Anyone?

Would you like to be a part of some of the fastest top water tuna action anywhere. Anglers will often experience 10 to 100 plus bites from tuna 20 to 100 lbs each day fishing out of San Cristobal Island. Fish the sea mounts, reefs, structure and FADs that offer the world’s hottest tuna action. Yellowfin tuna are the main course but big eye tuna are not uncommon. If you are a light tackle or spinning aficionado then this is the deal for you.

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Are Your Ready For Daytime Swordfish In The Galapagos?

The seemingly endless structure and reefs in the Galapagos are host to grouper, tilefish, jacks, snapper and many other species. Now that boats have been equipped with electric reels anglers can also chase swordfish. Large swordfish over 300 lbs are caught regularly by locals so we know we have a good stock of sizable fish around. The abundance of squid makes the Galapagos a prime feeding ground for swordfish.

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