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Jun 20, 2018Newsletter

Ecuagringo is an outfitting company that has developed and made several fishing destinations in South America available to anglers who demand the best possible crews, boats and tackle in underdeveloped locations. Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Peru and Argentina are destinations where Ecuagringo has pioneered, developed and promoted fishing. The Galapagos Islands are Ecuagringo’s biggest success as our company fought to make it legal for anglers to fish there since 2000. We put the first charter boat; a 35 Bertram named Striper back in 2000 to make the incredible marlin fishery available to anglers for the first time in history.

Today Ecuagringo offers the best striped marlin, blue marlin, black marlin, swordfish, wahoo, tuna and grouper places to fish in all pf Pacific South America. We also provide complete custom packages so you can enjoy along with family, friends and spouses the best tours, lodging and vacationing each destination offers. Having just one website with a several destinations can be confusing to navigate so we have created several websites to represent our most popular destinations.

Ecuagringo is proud to present the following websites:

The hottest and most consistent double digit marlin bite:

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The best top water tuna fishing anywhere in the world is found here:

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Terrific blue marlin fishing in an easy to get to destination:

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For the best fishing and vacationing in South America:

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