Galapagos Islands Summer Fishing

Jun 2, 2022Newsletter

Summer has arrived and we still have plenty of striped marlin in the Galapagos.  Ecuagringo brings you the best complete fishing vacations to enjoy the islands.  The first and longest running fishing outfitter in the Galapagos has the best adventures to enjoy with friends and family this summer.

If you are looking for a destination where 5, 20, 50 and 100 plus striped marlin can be raised each day then the Galapagos Islands are the place to go.  The Galapagos are one of the few year round destinations to have striped marlin in incredible numbers.  The marlin come to feed on the large schools of greenback sardines that concentrate on the fertile seamounts off Santa Cruz and San Cristobal islands.

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Getting To The Galapagos Is Easier Than You Think

The Galapagos Islands are 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador in the Northwest corner of South America.  Just a short 4 hour flight from Florida ( Fort Lauderdale or Miami) will have you in Guayaquil, Ecuador.  Connect the next day on a 1 hour and 40 minute flight and you are in a true angler’s paradise.  Ecuagringo host will greet you upon arrival and take care of you during your whole stay in Ecuador and the islands.

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Crime Is Not A Concern

With virtually no crime against tourist on the populated islands you can feel safe to enjoy walking the streets.  Tourist are one of the main sources of incomes for many of the local population and they are well respected and cared for by residents.  Unlike other island destinations you can enjoy each town any hour of the day or night without concerns.

Choose Your Own Adventure

With activities for anglers and non anglers you have something for everyone.  Fish for marlin, wahoo, tuna, bottom fish and more.  Snorkel with sea lions and penguins, dive, explore, hike, relax, beaches, volcano visits and much more to do and experience.

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