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Apr 11, 2020Newsletter

These are trying times for just about everyone the world over. It seems like all we see and hear is bad news. No one can say with certainty what will happen but rest assured this will come to pass. In the meantime we want to thank so many of our fellow anglers for your support and interest in the well being of our crews, families and staff that make up Ecuagringo.

Things are very difficult in Ecuador which has been ravished by the virus. The Galapagos Islands which are our prime fishing destinations have been under strict quarantine for weeks now. Most people in third world countries live day to day with very little provisions.

2020 The Galapagos Islands Were On Track To Break Previous Records

With action from over 3000 marlin in just the first two months of the year 2020 was promising to be a stellar marlin fishing season in the Galapagos Islands. San Cristobal Island has been producing incredible numbers of striped marlin for 3 years in a row. Year-round fishing like nowhere else made San Cristobal the go to marlin fishery for anglers from all walks of life.

Ecuagringo has been operating in the Galapagos since 1993 with tourist, feral goat hunters and eventually anglers in 1998. However in 2020 we were steadily seeing fantastic fishing 90% of the days out. The last three years fishing has been solid year round. The amount of anglers fishing with our company doubled since 2018 and therefore more boats on the water and days fishings means more fish. Had we been able to fish until July constantly like last year we probably would have almost doubled numbers as in 2019.

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Life is unpredictable and changes happen. One positive note is that the oceans are seeing a relief from commercial fishing pressure in many areas. While it may not be enough to replenish fish stocks around the globe our crews in Galapagos are reporting lots of fish of all types No, they are not out fishing for sport. All our crew members are actually artisanal fishermen in the Galapagos. Some are allowed to fish to feed their families at times like these.

Isabela Island Giant Blue Marlin Hosted Trips Postponed

We were looking forward to our annual hosted giant marlin fishing trips out of Isabela Island. All groups have been postponed until further notice for now. However, we are keeping contact with our crew in Isabela Island who are fishing to feed their families.

Oscar has been keeping us up to date reporting lots of tuna, mahi mahi, bonito and squid in the marlin grounds which indicate that the big girls must be around. Follow us on weekly emails and Facebook as we will be updating new projects when we are able to continue working on them. We believe the giant marlin chasing crowd will be pleased with what we have coming up for the next seasons.

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Buy Made In USA!

Most of our guest come from one of the greatest countries of all times, the United States of America! Ecuagringo wants to be part of the solution and hold accountable those who are responsible for this outbreak. We support the leader of the free world and are committed to buying as much of our tackle as possible made in the USA.

Ecuagringo already purchases from US manufactures such as Moldcraft, Lindgren Pittman and Chaos Rods. You can do your part and avoid the cheap junk, copied technology and inferior good by purchasing American made. We also encourage everyone to buy products and good made or grown in the Americas from Canada all the way down to Argentina.

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Saying Bye To Penn & Welcome to Avet Reels

Ecuagringo is pleased to announce that we hope to have dumped all our Penn tackle by 2021 and will be supporting 100% made in USA Avet Reels. Penn makes many of their products in China but will decorate their boxes with a USA flag even though the product was made in China. In the past the service from Penn was nonexistent and getting replies from company reps was a bureaucratic and long process.

Penn had no interest in working with us unless we had a “brick and mortar store”. No problem, Penn can kiss our ass! We went to Avet Reels who were willing to work and informed us that all parts are made in the USA to our delight.

As the premier fishing outfitter for Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands we source multiple boats and crews which require high quality tackle every year to catch marlin, tuna, jacks, grouper and more. We will continue to do everything we can to buy American.

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Ecuagringo House San Cristobal & Isabela Islands

Ecuagringo is continuously working on improving the complete experience our guest have while traveling, fishing, touring and lodging with us. Starting in 2021 all our packages will include lodging in an Ecuagringo house or apartment. We will be taking every step to offer comfort, luxury and all the best amenities available.

If you are looking for properties in Puerto Rico or internationally look no further than Domenech Group:

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You will still be able to book hotels or different lodging if you prefer. Full open bar, pool table, darts, jacuzzi, home cooked meals and other amenities are some of the ideas being considered for the Ecuagringo house. Our long term project is to build a lodge which is in the works and we will have more information for you when the time comes.

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