Galapagos Islands Fishing July 2019 Newsletter

Jul 16, 2019Newsletter

Half of the year is gone and it has so far been a very exciting one with some great news to share. The fishing for marlin in the Galapagos Islands has been spectacular especially for striped marlin with the highest numbers of fish raised in 9 years! The giant blue marlin fishery off Isabela Island did not disappoint with several granders released and also lost in relatively few days fishing.

Captain Michael Crosier Onboard Ecuagringo Prostaff

Captain Crosier is no stranger to the Galapagos. He has fished in the past and visited many times to surf the islands’ coasts. Mike has fished around the world and was one of the few to set record catches of GT in Midway.

His vast world experience has been quite valuable this year in the Galapagos. His contributions have been with crew training and keeping tackle in the best condition possible. Captain Mike is not in the Galapagos to drive a boat but rather work with local crews to perfect techniques and maintain quality and service control.

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San Cristobal Island Striped Marlin Bite Averaged Double Digits

Close to 7,000 striped marlin have been raised until early July in 2019 by 3 boats fishing in Ecuagringo’s fleet. An estimated additional 2,000 striped marlin have been raised by other boats out of San Cristobal Island this year. This kind of fishing is found nowhere else on the planet for such an extended time.

Most days averaged 15 to 40 marlin raises with a few days where boats were experiencing over 100 fish raised per day. The high volume of striped marlin are attracted by the abundance of sardines attracted to the banks, seamounts and structure in the Galapagos Islands.

Large amounts of squid are also an important part of the diet. For 3 years now anglers have been averaging double digit raises and even bites most days while fishing out of San Cristobal Island. If you want to experience the fastest, wildest and most numerous marlin massing then you best shot is in the Galapagos.

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Isabela Island Grader Marlin

After the success in 2019 of finding good numbers of giant blue marlin off Isabela Island, releasing and losing some granders Ecuagringo will be making the month of April available in 2020 to fish Isabela Island. Limited package dates with a minimum of 5 days fishing are required.

Isabela Island is 90 miles from our home base on San Cristobal Island. The water starting just 8 miles from the port of Isabela hold an incredible amount of life with drops going from 600 to 6,000 and 9,000 feet in some areas. Isabela for years has concentrated some of the biggest blue and black marlin plus swordfish caught in the Galapagos Islands.

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Ecuagringo Website Has A Makeover

Ecuagringo is the first outfitter to bring anglers the Galapagos Islands as a world class fishing destination in 2000. Outfitters in South America since 1993, we are now focusing mainly on fishing and touring the Galapagos Islands. We can still outfit fishing off the coast of Ecuador and arrange vip tours all over South America.

However, the Galapagos Islands continue to grow and demand more time from our staff so we decided to showcase the best fishing we offer in two locations. San Cristobal Island will continue to be our most popular destination in the Galapagos Islands for its incredible striped marlin bite and Isabela Island will be destination of choice for anglers who want a true 130# tackle experience with the biggest of marlin.

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New Feature: Shared Trips

Now anglers who do not want to purchase a whole package for themselves or travel on a budget can take advantage of limited dates offered through our website to purchase a spot to share on a boat with other anglers. Available dates will be listed on the our website and you can purchase directly using Paypal or by calling us. >>Click here to check our shared trips<<. request quote arrows down check 01

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