Galapagos Islands Almost Sold Out January and February 2020

Aug 31, 2019Newsletter

If you want to be part of the fortunate and privileged anglers able to fish in the best waters on Earth then you need to book you 2020 or 2021 Galapagos Islands trip now. Space is limited due to high demand with the last 3 years being some of the best on record! Isabela Island’s giant blue marlin dates are also almost gone so if you want your shot at possible grander blue marlin then don’t wait!

If you want to be a part of a group of select anglers fishing the Galapagos then don’t wait any longer to book.

December 2019 to February 2020 are almost sold out and March – June 2019 will be going soon. Ecuagringo takes on a limited number of anglers each season in order to provide the best service possible. The increased demand due to continuous incredible fishing the last 3 years is causing our availability to book well in advance. Call us today to customize your fishing experience of a lifetime.

San Cristobal Island offers shots on average of 5 to 50 striped marlin per day quite consistently and days with over 100 fish raised are not uncommon. These are not little rats either. The average Galapagos striped marlin weighs about 180 pounds with fish in the 150 to 300 pound range quite common. There are also several options to target yellowfin tuna, wahoo, jacks and grouper if you happen to get tired of catching marlin. San Cristobal Island is one of those extremely rare destinations where you can seriously target multiple species.

Isabela Island Giant Blue Marlin Hosted Trips With Braden Escobar Only 1 Set Of April 2020 Days Left!

Braden Escobar is the name synonymous when talking about the Galapagos striped and blue marlin fishery. Escobar was the first entrepreneur to research, establish and fight to legalize the first sport fishing operation in the Galapagos Islands. Ecuagringo has been around since 1993 starting as a hunting and fishing outfitter in Ecuador founded by Escobar.

For over 20 years Escobar has insisted that the biggest marlin in the Pacific can be caught off of Isabela Island. With drops going 600 to 6000 feet, lots of tuna, bonito, squid and marine life this place screams giant marlin.

Now you can be a part of this exciting all tackle destination. Ecuagringo is the only company with the boats and custom 130# tackle to handle the biggest of marlin. Escobar has fished the drops of Isabela more than any angler looking to target giant marlin for sport. Combined with local fishermen and the logistical support needed to fish 5 days at a time Ecuagringo offers you a genuine shot at targeting giant blue marlin.

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