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Dec 7, 2021Newsletter

Solid Striped Marlin Bite Santa Cruz & San Cristobal

The striped marlin bite out of San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Islands has been very productive all of 2021. November and December have been incredible with about 20 to 40 plus striped marlin raises per day. Water remains an average 71 degrees F but will be warming up really soon. The warmer water should welcome the blue and black marlin as it does every year.

The massing of striped marlin is found virtually year round as long as the sardines remain on the banks. These underwater seamounts spring up from 2000 or 3000 feet up to less than 350 feet in some places. The sea lions, birds, sharks and other marine life will congregate on the banks to feed on the sardines. Along with them are the striped marlin, tuna and other pelagics.

Most striped marlin in the Galapagos average 120 to 200 pounds. Generally you will find a few pushing 200 and even 300 pounds mixed in. Watching 2, 4, 6 and even a dozen striped marlin in the spread fighting over teasers at the same time is heart stopping excitement. Witnessing dozens to hundreds of tailing striped marlin in a day is still possible.

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Isabela Island & Its Giant Blue Marlin

Very soon we will be targeting the giant blue marlin out of Isabela Island and those reports will be up for our anglers and followers to see. With bookings lined up for January all the way to May upcoming in 2022 we are sure that some huge fish will be produced. Isabela Island is one of your best bets to find a grander blue marlin. Most of the fish average 300 to 900 pounds with granders always possible in the mix. If you have dreamed of putting 130# tackle to the ultimate test then this is the place to do it! We have very limited space and boats to target these huge fish from January to May each year so don’t hesitate to book.

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Galapagos Islands 99% Vaccination Rate

The 25,000 plus residents of the 4 inhabited islands have been vaccinated against COVID 19. If you are concerned about COVID then the Galapagos are probably one of the places of least concern. The Ecuadorian government has been on and ardent campaign to vaccinate the whole country and most of all the high tourist demand regions.

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