Ecuagringo On Asssigment: Destination Northern Peru

Aug 16, 2018Newsletter

High volume white winged doves shoots, black marlin around the gas rigs, striped marlin on Mancora Bank and gourmet seafood and more!

Winghooting: White Winged Doves

Ecuagringo was the company that first explored and offered the high volume cinnamon teal duck hunts in Southern Peru. Once many other companies tried to imitate our success and the hunting became saturated we decided to move on. Now we are working on something unique that no one else offers. Ecuagringo is currently the only outfitter to be offering brand new packages available for late 2019 for high volume white winged dove shoots combined with offshore fishing. The the dry brushy deserts of Northern Peru are ideal habitat for the Peruvian white winged dove. A bit larger than its North American cousin, this bird has a fast flight making it ideal for improving your marksmanship. Considered a pest my many, the white winged dove is commonly found in rice and corn fields, desert, and just about everywhere in this part of Peru. Custom packages to hunt and fish will be available but we believe 2 days of doves and 3 days fishing would make a good and fun balance. If you were waiting on a good reason to visit Peru then the dove hunting, marlin fishing, beautiful desert landscape, incredible variety of seafood and exploring areas such as Cusco, Machu Picchu and Sacred Valley are waiting for you.


Black Marlin

Black marlin is the question everyone asks. Are there grander marlin swarming the waters as once before? Our guess is probably not and after cross-referencing data from the 1950’s when large black marlin were caught we find that they seemed to be El Niño years with water warmer than usual. Otherwise, waters in July to September would be too cold for black marlin. Water from June to September can drop to 65 F much too cold for usual black marlin likes. In El Niño years waters will remain 72 to 80 F which make it possible for black marlin to frequent. Along the Peruvian shoreline from less than half a mile to 13 miles out you find several gas platforms which provide excellent structure to attract black marlin and tuna. Taking a closer look at the area of Cabo Blanco we can tell it is very unique. No where else are you able to see so many reefs below the surface that create habitat for baitfish and ideal for black marlin.


Beaches, seafood, Machu Picchu and more!

Peru is a long coastal country with seashores, beaches, deserts, Andes Mountains and jungles. Beside fishing, wing shooting and seafood Ecuagringo can customize unique adventures to explore Cuzco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu, Nazca, Lima, Arequipa and much more. Our packages are not the same boring tours that herd you like cattle that typical travel agents sell. Ecuagringo is an outfitting company meaning we are not middle men reselling the same crap you see everywhere online but rather innovate our tours to be with guides, host and staff that have been working for years with our company. If you have a problem and anything goes wrong we have your back. Enjoy Peru by customizing your package today and let Ecuagringo guide and host you through your whole stay with personalized service and attention. We take care of just about everything so you have time to enjoy your stay.

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