Ecuagringo Marlin Fishing Newsletter Galapagos Islands January 2023

Jan 19, 2023Newsletter

2023 season is underway in the Galapagos Islands and Ecuagringo has exciting news to share. It’s a new year with new challenges.  Ecuagringo was the first outfitter to start up the fishery over 24 years ago in the Galapagos and we continue to innovate new opportunities such as the giant blue marlin off Isabela Island.  However, we are now looking ahead  at 2024 and planning a long range mother-ship option and a possible billfish tournament in conjunction with Peter Santini from Fishin Finatics.

Mothership Supported Fishing 2024 Galapagos

We are excited to announce that we are working on producing a mothership that will be the first in its class and exclusive for Ecuagringo to fish the far waters and regions of the Galapagos Islands.  This will give anglers the option to go beyond where possibly any angler has gone before and fish areas over 150 miles from the ports.

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It could open up the possibility to chase blue marlin year round as the Northern Islands are influenced by warmer water most of the year and especially when the Southern islands get colder water.  Anglers will also  be able to sleep closer to some of the striped marlin grounds and thus  gain approximately 2 to 3 more hours per day fishing and avoid long runs.  Ideally the mothership would support up to 8 guest and supply 2 sportfishers with water and fuel for parties larger than 4 anglers wanting 2 boats.  More information as we continue to develop this project.

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2024 San Cristobal Billfish Tournament

Braden Escobar & Peter Santini are looking to organize the first billfish tournament in many years!  This has the makings of something interesting.  We will be announcing possible dates soon but March is the targeted month.

It will probably be 2 days fishing 1 day of rest and 2 more days fishing targeting all marlin available in the Galapagos.  We are thinking of providing 6 boats at the moment but if interest grows it may reach 8 boats.  Four anglers to a boat with all inclusive packages and the option to customize with more fishing or tours if available.  Stay tuned as more details to come soon.

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Customize A Family Trip To The Galapagos

The Galapagos may be the ideal destination for you and your loved ones.  No crime, tropical weather and decent infrastructure yet immersed in marine and wild life there is no place quite like it.  The incredible striped marlin fishery paralleled by some of the best giant blue marlin fishing on the planet make it a world class fishing destination.

However, the tours and experiences up close with nature will have your family talking about this place for life.  Ecuagringo will customize any package large or small to spend your precious time and family moments in the Galapagos.

Plan today your fishing and adventure trip of a lifetime ➤➤

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