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Feb 20, 2023Newsletter

Over 1500 Striped Marlin Raised In Less Than 3 Weeks!

The striped marlin action out of San Cristobal Island has been very substancial so far for the month of February.  In less than 3 weeks various boats fishing have already produced over 1500 striped marlin.  When you take into account that on average most days there are only 2 to 4 boats out fishing these numbers may be quite impressive.  These are not small striped marlin but rather most fish average 120 to almost 300 pounds.  Boats have been experiencing most days 20 to 30 plus shots at striped marlin with some days over 50 fish raised.

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One Of The Best Mahi Mahi Seasons On Record

While mahi or dorado are no strangers to the Galapagos not every year do we get the incredible runs of these awesome pelagics.  Most mahi in the Galapagos will average 10 to 35 pounds when they are numerous but 40 to 50 plus pounders are still common.  Boats are experiencing 20 to 40 plus mahi per day in the spread.  If you want to catch mahi mixed in with striped marlin the time to come down is now! Warm and calm seas with lots of bait are perfect to find these beautiful gamefish.

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Photo courtesy Peter Santini

Giant Blue Marlin Of Isabela Island

With water now averaging 80 to 83 F there is no better time to try your luck at a possible grander blue marlin.  Isabela Island has established itself as a top contender for heavyweights when it comes to the ultimate big game fishing thrill.  Year after year with most days only one boat fishing 40 to 60 days we are averaging raising more consistently blue marlin over 800 pounds between February and May than almost anywhere else.  If you have tried your luck elsewhere and have been disappointed again and again then maybe you should give the Galapagos Islands a try.  We have made dreams come true for many anglers and this could be your shot.  Some days we raise  2 to 5 large blue marlin and some days none.  However, keep in mind that these are 90% females coming to feed here so your shots of whatever bites being big is already highly likely.  Female blue marlin keep growing until they die and males seldom grow over 400 pounds.

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Galapagos Logistics

Some folks think it is difficult to get to the Galapagos.  In reality when you book with Ecuagringo we take care of almost everything you need once you land in Ecuador.  For travelers from the USA Ecuador is a short 4 hour flight from Miami or Fort Lauderdale.  Overnight in Guayaquil or Quito and you will get to the Galapagos in a less than 2 hour flight the next day.  We can advice and help with any or all of your logistics.

The time to book is now!  Don’t wait as the fishing is on point for you to enjoy.

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