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Feb 10, 2017Newsletter

Hard to believe but it is already February 2017. Great things are happening all over South America that promise to deliver incredible fishing and unique adventures. Folks there is so much to see and do in this large latin continent. Friendly people, wonderful and exciting destinations and terrific fishing. Ecuagringo is your one stop outfitter for South America.

Galapagos Welcomes 41ft Galicia

Ecuagringo is proud to announce the newest boat in our fishing line up. A 41ft custom Hatteras loaded with the works to fish Galapagos. This serious fishing machine is powered by twin Yanmars 550 hp. She cruises comfortably at 24 knots and is ready to fish Santa Cruz and San Cristobal islands. We can customize long range fishing trips and even to farther islands such as Isabela to chase large blue and black marlin. For more information on our unique and out of the ordinary special trips contact us today.

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San Cristobal Island, Galapagos Safest Place to Fish?

San Cristobal Island sits on the Eastern edge of the archipelago. It is populated by 7,500 islanders, has an airport next to town and is regarded as a quiet and relaxed ambient. 2015 statistics show that the crime rate is one of the lowest in South America with no problems reported with tourist. Ecuagringo has provided family and couples trips for folks of all ages. Besides terrific marlin, tuna, wahoo and bottom fishing the island is famous for snorkeling and dive sites such as Kicker Rock and Punta Pitt. For those who do not fish we have all kinds of activities, eco-tours and beaches to enjoy. This is a wonderful place to relax, surf, swim and have fun in the sun. Getting to the Galapagos form the USA is a 4 hour flight to Guayaquil from Houston or Miami. Overnight in Guayaquil and take a morning flight 1 hour and 40 minutes to San Cristobal.

Isabela Island Giant Marlin & Awesome Touring?

Isabela is the largest island with 90 km in length and sits on the Western fringe of Galapagos. Ecuagringo has caught black and blue marlin in excess of 800lbs with a few granders lost in these waters. Isabela generally has cooler water on its Western side compared to the Eastern side. The town Puerto Villamil has less than 4000 inhabitants and some exotic beaches. The largest sea level crater is found on the Sierra Negra volcano. Ecuagringo can arrange special packages to stay in luxury in the exquisite Iguana Crossing Hotel and fish daily from port along the South and Southwest drop of the island in search of large tuna and marlin. The largest swordfish known caught in Galapagos waters was from Isabela reported over 1500 lbs by a local artesanal angler on a hand line in 2004. The fish was lifted with a forklift and displayed in town. Longer trips can be arranged to fish some of the furthest fishing points on the Western side of the island which have rarely seen pressure from sporting anglers. Several fads placed for local fishermen can provide a great tuna, marlin and dorado bite.

Manta’s Awesome Blue Marlin & Bottom Fishing

Manta is a port town located 3 hours Northwest of Guayaquil. Captain Andres Calero runs Ecuagringo’s charters fishing onboard Miura 27ft custom. This is perhaps one of the most reliable marlin fisheries in South America and one of the best for budget minded anglers. With various hotel choices, beaches and plenty of nearby towns to tour; a trip to Manta is sure to please anglers and their families. National parks, beaches, museums, villages and Monte Cristy where “Panama Hats” are made will be of interest. Diving and spearfishing are also an option. Manta is ideal for fly anglers looking to target blue and striped marlin with multiple shots a day. There is very good broomtail grouper, snapper and jack fishing in the many reefs and structure not far out. Cobia farming cages are great for attracting wahoo. If you are looking for a fishing trip that will thrill and not break the bank then you should consider Manta.

Excitement Is Building With Cabo Blanco Peru Coming 2018

We get inquiries almost weekly with anglers wanting to know more about Peru. Our research panga has been fishing about 2 or 3 times a month and providing great feedback of what the potential is. We believe that our 32 ft Lurhs that will be available early 2018 will be the way to go. Combine fishing in Northern Peru with tours of Cusco, Sacred Valley, Machu Picchu and more and you have an incredible trip. Ecuagringo is teaming up with local biologist Diego Salazar and our long time team member in Peru Miguel Pacheco and Antonio Coloma to bring you the best offshore and surf fishing possible. Diego will be working with local fishermen to continue awareness on protecting marine resources and promoting catch and release fishing. Several groups have already booked and dates will not last. Don’t be left out and contact us to arrange a wonderful fishing and touring package to Peru. Best times to fish are December to April.

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