Ecuagringo Fishing Newsletter – November 2017

Nov 28, 2017Newsletter

From Ecuador to Argentina Ecuagringo for over 18 years has been the trusted source of best outfitters, boats, crews and destinations in South America. If you are looking for fishing, adventure, family trips, romantic get aways or anything your heart desires Ecuagringo will more than likely put it together. Originally founded in 1993 as Andean Outdoor Outfitters by Braden Escobar, our outfit provided unique hunting and fishing. The guides and staff have been trained and selected over years of successful trips in hard to reach places. Ecuagringo has continued to grow and expand all over South America thanks to our loyal sportsmen and travelers who year after year put their trust in the only company to provide the best fishing and adventure in South America. We take pride in what we do because we are not travel agents, we are outfitters!

Tuna Popping Galapagos

The warm season begins to roll in come November and the tuna bite goes off the charts. The Galápagos Islands are a sanctuary for many species but the Ecuadorian tuna industry has recognized and labeled the Galapagos as The Factory of Fish”. Few places in the world have the physical attributes to attract and amass such large numbers of PelagicGear. Big eye and yellowfin tuna can be found from 5 to 100 lbs quite regularly and fish over 300# are caught every year. Anglers who pursue tuna on light tackle such as spinning rods have had fun for almost two decades in the Galapagos. However in recent years fad buoys have been place that attract tuna and mahi mahi making casting to these fish an almost sure bet. If you are looking a double digit shots at surface feeding fish then Galapagos should be next on your list.

Swordfish in the Daytime?

Yes catching swordfish in the daytime has taking the angling community by a storm all over the world. Ecuagringo is fast working with Lindgren Pittman to provide the best electric reels and equipment on the market. Our Manta boats in Ecuador are now prepared to fish for swords in the daytime. Galapagos will be our next destination expected to be ready to book our first swordfish charters by May 2018. We plan to have all our offshore destinations in Ecuador fully ready to fish for swords by the end of 2018. Targeting swords in the daytime may not be as action packed as most other types of fish but it can be the ultimate big game fishing. Commercially caught swords in Ecuador and Peru have been known to tip the scales at over 1000#.

Cabo Blanco- Peru Now Happening

While many anglers continue to inquire about Cabo Blanco, Peru we can tell you that Ecuagringo is working with a 42 ft sport fisher to provide our anglers the best boat and tackle available in Peru. The fishing in Peru tends to turn on for tuna and marlin from December to April. Peru is also known for giant swordfish so we are hoping to be doing daytime swordfish trips by 2019. Much of the appeal that Peru has is not only its famous historic water for giant black marlin in the 50’s but also its rich native culture. Arguably the best seafood dishes in the world and some of the most exotic site seeing with Cusco, Machu Picchu, Nazca and Puerto Inca in the mix. If you want to do something totally off the wall and maximize your spirit of adventure then let one of our specialist organize a fishing and adventure trip to Peru. We recommend spending at least 2 weeks to fish and site see.

Corvina and Snook

One of the World’s largest mangrove preserves is locate in the Gulf of Guayaquil. Over 200,000 hectares of pristine mangrove, estuaries and islands make up the brackish waters to the West of Guayaquil. White pacific snook and white sea bass (aka corvina) are found in large numbers. Our expert guides can provide an exciting day on the water during the “quiebra” moon cycles when the water are clearest. If you plan to be on business or traveling through Ecuador you should seriously consider fishing the estuaries for a few days.

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