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Dec 3, 2022Newsletter

Ecuagringo Is A Proud Fishrazr Prostaff Member

To catch different types of billfish in the Galapagos Islands you want to provide your anglers the best products money can buy but also be able to run a business.  Partnering up with Fishrazr was a move Ecuagringo is proud of.  Not only do they produce some of the best offshore fishing products found anywhere they also make most of them in the USA!

Their products have made the difference many times between catching and not catching fish and nothing attracts fish quite like their dredges.  From squid, mud flaps, holograms to hair lures their dredges offer the most variety and quality.  Great billfish captains know the value that a quality dredge and teasers bring to their spread.  No serious billfish anglers should go without them.

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Visit their website or call 843-224-5438 for all your dredges, teasers, harnesses, lures and so much more! Dealing with Fishrazr you will not be disappointed.  They take orders and process them quickly and everything is very reasonably priced.

Serious Giant Blue Marlin Anglers Isabela Island Is For You

With the 2023 Galapagos giant blue marlin season out of Isabela just weeks away take advantage of the last shared boat dates open March 7 to 11 or book one of the few dates still open in April and May. This is arguably the best destination in the Pacific to have a shot at a grander blue marlin.  Black marlin are also found here but no matter the type of Pacific billfish they all are big off Isabela Island waters.

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Ecuagringo has the only boat and crew currently prepared with all 130# Alutecnos reels and custom big game Chaos rods.  Fishrazr dredges, troll pro cams and teasers to help that fish of a lifetime find the spread.  Ecuagringo has been fishing the waters off Isabela for over 20 years but only recently did we decide to offer charters for this incredible destination.  We have the lodging, food, hosting and best platform available in all of the Galapagos to help you find these incredible billfish. Oh and the wildlife tours and excursions are some of the most unique in all of the Galapagos.  Isabela is a quiet and safe island.

Alutecnos Will Be Reel Of Choice On Ecuagringo Boats

Ecuagringo is making a considerable investment to provide all our boat with the best tackle on the market for fishing charters.  We have already started Using Alutecnos Albacore 80# and 130# two speed reels for Isabela Island’s giant blue marlin fishery.  Other reel manufactures fell short or failed so we set out to find the best there is for giant blue marlin.  Given how well these high-end reels performed we have started using the smaller Veloce 20 reels for striped marlin and could not be happier.  When you book a trip with Ecuagringo feel confident you will have top of the line tackle onboard.

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Mothership Long Range Trips In The Works For Either 2024 or 2025

Ecuagringo is the outfitter that started, explored, innovated the fishery in the Galapagos Islands.  We gave anglers the first charter boats to fish the incredible striped marlin fishery out of 0-30 Bank back in the late 90’s. We were the first charter company to have incredible 50 plus wahoo caught days.  Today we are the only ones developing and providing the best giant blue marlin fishing out of Isabela Island.

No one else come close to having the top fishing tackle, boats and crews as Ecuagringo.  Therefore it’s only natural for our company to be the first trying to legally open up long range fishing to areas that are 80, 120 and 180 miles away from nearest port.  We have a mothership in the works and are waiting for approval from the Galapagos National Park for this new activity.  Motherships will provide a place to sleep, eat and relax before and after a day of fishing in some of the more remote and rarely fished waters of the Galapagos.

Ballyhoo & Pitch Baits Will Be Standard In 2024

The Galapagos Islands are 600 miles of the coast of Ecuador which makes operating in the Galapagos quite challenging.  Getting bait is not easy and involves a great amount of logistics.  For many years Ecuagringo sourced its ballyhoo from coastal Ecuador.  However, the ballyhoo were often too big (10 to 14 inches) or not properly brined so they would not last as long.  Add hours on planes, power outages, freezers burning out and you have a nightmare scenario to properly acquire and store bait.

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For groups currently asking to fish with ballyhoo we have had to work miracles to bring bait from Florida.  Well, now we are working on being able to purchase larger quantities of ballyhoo, store and freeze properly to ship to Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands.  Not an easy task but as we strive to be the best we will make it happen.  Ballyhoo are not readily available in the Galapagos.

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