Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands Continue to Deliver Incredible Fishing Stats!

Feb 15, 2018Newsletter

If you though the Galapagos were only a premium billfish destination then take a look at the numbers for the other species…

Over 2300 big eye and yellow fin tuna caught in 2017 by 3 Ecuagringo boats out of San Cristobal and Santa Cruz Islands in the Galapagos trolling, jigging or popping. The Galapagos Island continue to be perhaps the most reliable and productive waters in the world to catch big eye and yellow fin tuna. As casting poppers to surface feeding tuna becomes more popular, more and more anglers are booking their dream trip to this wildlife paradise. The Galapagos not only offer the best tuna fishing available but also a safe, friendly wan welcoming family environment. The nutrient rich waters influenced by the Humboldt, Equatorial, Crownwell and Panama currents make this a prime feeding and nursery ground for tuna. Most tuna average 15 to 65 lbs but 80 to 100 lbs are not uncommon and fish exceeding 300 lbs are landed several times each year. Light tackle enthusiast will enjoy the numbers of surface feeding and schooling tuna often found on the sea mounts, ledges, reefs and structure. The volcanic topography of the ocean floor makes the Galapagos prime real-estate to attract not only tuna but all kinds of pelagics and bottom dwellers.

More than 600 wahoo were reported in 2017 by Ecuagringo crews fishing. The Galapagos have wahoo in great numbers and catching double digits of wahoo in a single day is very possible. Most wahoo average 20 to 60 lbs with some fishing pushing 80 to 100 lbs every now and then. Wahoo are aggressive speed demons that are wonderful to catch on light tackle. If you want to experience a variety of fishing then you need to add a day or two of wahoo fishing to any package to the Galapagos. The flesh is tasty almost anyway you prepare it be it sashimi, ceviche, fried, grilled or baked. Wahoo pizza can be prepared by request in the Galapagos.

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122 Almaco jacks over 40 lbs. While we do not keep track of the hundreds of almaco jacks caught and released each year by our crews we do keep a log of all the jacks over 40 lbs. Almacos are the Pacific cousin of the amberjack and one of the most powerful fighters you will find on light tackle. Most jacks average 20 to 50 lbs in the Galapagos but fish 40 lbs are considered the ultimate fighting jack.

365 days a year you can fish for tuna, wahoo, jacks and grouper in the Galapagos Islands. These pelagics are available all year but most anglers prefer to target them November to May when seas tend to warm up and are smoother.

62 fly anglers fished the Galapagos Islands in 2017 with our crews and targeted various species on fly such as tuna, mahi-mahi, marlin, jacks and more.

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Mainland Ecuador also delivers in several locations some interesting numbers…

897 corvina and 277 white pacific snook caught in a total of 26 days chartered for the Gulf of Guayaquil by anglers who wanted to experience the estuaries near the port city of Guayaquil. Fishing the largest mangrove sanctuary in Pacific South America is a rich experience in birds and marine life unparalleled almost anywhere else. Over 200,000 hectares of mangrove forrest remain on the edges of the islands that make up the Gulf of Guayaquil.

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More than 3300 blue marlin reported by 21 pangas that fish out of Manta were caught in 2017. This is a true year round fishery where you can expect blue marlin to be caught all months of the year. 15 to 35 miles West from Manta puts you in the middle of some of the best blue marlin fishing in the Pacific.

14 mahi mahi over 50 lbs caught in Manta on Ecuagringo charters during 2017 making it a destination with some of the biggest bull dolphin caught anywhere.

About 2800 striped marlin caught by the 21 pangas that report to us out of Manta in 2017. Striped marlin number are only second to blue marlin but at times schooling stripes can be seeing tailing on the surfaces and multiple catches of striped marlin in a day are possible.

With incredible numbers like these there is no reason not to visit the Galapagos if you want to get serious about fishing in the Pacific Ocean. Ecuagringo can customize your complete trip to make it enjoyable and full of activities for everyone in your group. Ecuador and the Galapagos Islands offer unparalleled wild adventure, fishing, exploring, honey mooning and enjoying. Contact us today to plan your next adventure of a lifetime.

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