Blue Marlin Massing In Manta, Ecuador Makes For The Most Consistent Fishery Year Round

Oct 1, 2017Newsletter

For some time now Ecuagringo has been stressing how good and productive the blue marlin fishing out of Manta is. With a steady bite virtually all year and boats averaging 1 to 10 bites a day it is hard to imagine why you would fish anywhere else

Ecuagringo’s main captain Andres Calero has grown up fishing the area of Manta and believes there is no better natural fishery on Earth to catch blue marlin. With a healthy population of flying fish, sardines, squid and mackerel off the coast of Manta it is no wonder the abundance of blue and striped marlin thrive here. The Humboldt Current pushes colder water from the South that meets up with the Panama and Equatorial currents. Marlin migrate following the continental shelf 13 to 20 miles offshore. While most blue marlin average 200 to 400 lbs our boats are starting to find more and more fish 500# and over. We believe so much in this fishery that there are plans to add a new 34 ft twin diesel sport fisher by 2019 and start construction the Ecuagringo Lodge just North of Manta by 2020. Keep following our reports and newsletters for more information on Manta to come.

The wahoo and grouper bite are not bad. If you want to jig for broomtail grouper, jacks, cubbera snapper and more then you need to have Captain Calero take you to the various reefs and banks not far from shore. The farmed cobia in cages also produce a good amount of wahoo that come to feed on the scraps left by the cobia. Manta offers touring, diving and spearfishing.

Custom Adventures: Spotlight on Peru

Besides providing some of the most unique and incredible fishing on the planet Ecuagringo specializes in adventure touring and exotic vacations. Peru is one of our newest destinations offering fishing for black and striped marlin out of Cabo Blanco in Northern Peru. However the country of Peru is also famous for Machu Picchu, Cusco, Sacred Valley, Nazca Lines and dinning in Lima. Did you know there are many hidden archeological sites that are not well known such as Puerto Inca? Imagine yourself exploring archeological sites on the coast of Peru in the midst of an Inca Port used to trade 800 years ago with Polynesians? Stay in a haunted hotel where you guide will take you on an EVP session on ancient sacred Inca grounds and listed or see what you capture or record? How about a gastronomic tour of the best food served by chefs in Lima, Arequipa, Cusco, Trujillo and other inspiring settings. Would you like to see one the two only real oasis left in South America? The Huaca China is found in the sand dunes of Ica where you can savor Peruvian beer and quench your thirst with pisco sour. Take a ride on a 4×4 with a profesional driver who will take you up and down the sand dunes with the option to surf on sand. What about a full Andean experience by hiking trails up in excess of 4000 to 5000 meters? There is so much to do in Peru that you will find with no one else. Ecuagringo hunted and fished Peru for many years and our guides have been trained to take care of our guest and showing them some of the most unique and off the wall tours that no one else has.

2018 The Year Of The Swordfish?

Many guest have asked us about the swordfish in Ecuador and Peru. Both countries are known for huge swordfish that are not heavily targeted by comercial fishermen. With virtually no one fishing for them in the daytime Ecuagringo plans to be the first to offer by 2018 charters to catch the gladiators of the deep. We are investing in quality electric gear and research will be starting soon to find the best spots to fish for them. If daytime harpooned fish averaging 200 to 400 lbs are any indication of what swims below then we may be off to a good start. Swordfish in Ecuadorian waters are not shy to attack trolled baits or lures and a handful are caught every year trolling in the daytime.

Galapagos Islands Virtually No Crime & Family Friendly

More and more anglers and their families are choosing Ecuagringo each year to fish and have the wild adventure of a lifetime. Imagine you, your spouse and loved ones snorkeling with Humboldt penguins, hammerhead sharks, sea lions, sting rays, sea turtles and reef fish. Galapagos offer several dive and snorkel spots off of San Cristobal and Isabela Islands. Not only can you enjoy some of the best marlin, tuna, wahoo and bottom fishing in the world but you can submerge yourself in this true and will underwater oasis. There are no pick pockets, purse snatchers, thieves or hustlers to worry about in the islands. San Cristobal and Isabela are two of the safest inhabited islands in the world with virtually no crime to tourist. Why take a vacation to a place where you have to worry about someone stealing your belongings or harming you in any way? If you really want to impress your family and have a wild adventure contact us today to put together a sample custom itinerary for you to fish and explore the Galapagos.

Esmeraldas, Ecuador May Be The Next Black Marlin Mecca?

What do you get when you have an area of high concentrations of bonito, flying fish and squid? Usually you find black, blue and striped marlin not far in the Pacific. Esmeraldas is that rare out the way little known about magical destination ready to be put on the billftshing map. The few boats fishing here are reporting more and more raises of blue and black marlin. Those who fish inside the 20 miles before the continental shelf drops are find good numbers of black marlin. Venture out past the 20 miles and it becomes a day of multiple raises of blue marlin. What concentrates these fish here is more than likely the abundance of bait and low comercial fishing pressure. The lush green vegetation meets the Pacific coast line in one Ecuador’s most humid provinces.

Argentina Dorado Fishing Incredible

Do you want the best deal in Argentina? The you need to fish a week at the Dorado Cua Lodge operated by our friend and partner Mario Battiston. This is the best golden salmon fishing anywhere in Argentina. You can experience 20 to 100 bites a day on spinning or fly. Enjoy the best Argentine Malbec wines, ribeye steaks and sausage in a French style lodge setting. Your guides will take you out daily in aluminum boats to fish the wetlands of Isoro. The province of Corrientes has some of the largest fresh water reserves in the world.

A Work In Progress

Ecuagringo is proud of the destinations, staff and fishing it represents, outfits and helps protect. We know there are many areas to improve as we expand our operations throughout the coast of Pacific South America. Ecuagringo has several projects in the works that we will be informing you in this newsletter. We appreciate the suggestions, recommendations and feedback provided by our anglers and encourage to keep them coming.

If you are ready to take the next step and have the fishing or adventure of a lifetime then it is time to book your next trip with Ecuagringo. You only live once so now is the time to experience South America. Friendly people looking to serve you.

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