Newsletter Feb 2016‏ – Website Overhaul!!

Mar 2, 2016Newsletter

It has been 3 years and long over due since our new website redesign. We invite you to rediscover now with more destinations to fish, tour and have fun. Our new site will continue to grow and change as we grow. You will find information, rates, seasons and general information to help you make up your mind about where to go in South America. Ecuagringo currently operates in Ecuador, Galapagos Islands, Peru, Bolivia and Argentina. Our goal is to eventually offer fishing in all viable countries of South America. Our main focus is and will continue to be the best marlin fishing in Pacific South America. No one else offers as many quality destinations in South America as we do. Tired of catching sailfish?? We invite you to try your hand at striped, blue and black marlin. Marlin are arguably the pinnacle gamefish for many saltwater anglers.

If you are tired of the same tourist traps, destinations that offer mostly sailfish and just the same old fishing holes then it is time to embark on one of our marlin fishing trips. High volume striped marlin and tuna? Try Galapagos. Want repeated shots at blue marlin? Try Manta’s year round fishery. Want to explore a mythical water from yesterday? Go back in time to Cabo Blanco, Peru which will be available in 2017.

Safe and family oriented destinations are hard to find anywhere in the world today. Ecuagringo makes and effort to take care of our guest and offer you places where you can enjoy with low or no risk of harm to you and your loved ones. San Cristobal, Galapagos is our most popular destination for various reasons but having virtually no crime is probably one of the best.

Ready For Peru??

The wheels are in motion. Peru will soon be a reality. The legendary waters visited in years past by Hemingway, Monroe and Hollywood stars of yesteryear will soon be available to our anglers. We are currently working on licensing, exploring and looking at land for a potential lodge down the road. Our partner outfitter Miguel Pacheco is currently talking to government biologist and conducting research in order to be able to offer you the best fishing in Cabo Blanco and on Mancora Bank. We have come a long way since a dream 10 years ago to get a boat fishing in Peruvian waters. We will keep you posted on when booking dates become available.

Inshore and Fresh Water Fishing

In our new website you will find more options to fish for snook, corvina, grouper and golden salmon. There are many great areas to fish in Ecuador as well as the coasts of Peru for corvina, a very popular white sea bass. The Gulf of Guayaquil is famous for its islands and estuaries which are host to very good corvina and snook fishing. It was about time that someone paid attention to the fantastic fishing opportunities that small game fishing has to offer in South America. Don’t forget the excellent jigging and plugging for tuna and groupers in Galapagos as well. Manta offers incredible jigging for jacks and grouper.

Shared Charters Posting Option

Our new website will soon have a feature available for you guest to post on the dates and destinations they wish to find others to split the costs of fishing. You have asked for it and we have listened. Many anglers are not able to cover the high costs of fishing some destinations alone. In the past it was an almost impossible task to match anglers who didn’t know it other on dates agreeable to fish. Now with this option angles will be able to post requests and contact info so other can contact you directly.


Now you will be able to read experiences by many other anglers and tourist who we were privileged enough to host. Don’t take our words for it, read what they say about our operation. If you have fished or traveled with us in the past feel free to send us your opinions and comments. We want to read about the good or bad. If you enjoyed our services please tell others about it, if you did not like something please tell us and how we can make it better.

Touring and Adventure

There are so many custom tours and activities to do in South America that it would be almost impossible to list them all. In this section which will continue to grow you will be able to find out general information on countries and their regions. If we don’t have something specific that you want just ask. More than likely we can put that adventure for you together.

Folks we are very excited about the future. More fishing and adventures to come. Trust your adventure of a lifetime to the people who are passionate about serving you.

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