2016 – South America- The travel and fishing option with many benefits!

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Fellow Anglers:
Ecuagringo specializes in some of the best marlin fishing in South America. With incredible destinations such as the Galapagos Islands and Manta, Ecuador the marlin history speaks for itself. However we offer more than just exceptional marlin destinations. Tuna, wahoo, grouper, fly fishing, spinning, jigging, popping and bottom fishing are some of the additional options anglers have. Besides very good fishing one of our best assets is safety.

South America- The travel and fishing option with many benefits!

The world of big game fishing continues to change as new destination come into fashion and old ones fade out. The common thread is generally the quality of the fishing as are the attractions of a certain destination. Much of the appeal for fishing exotic destinations in South America is the friendly culture, exquisite food, generally great weather and excellent fishing. In today’s travels tourist and anglers must really consider and take into account the safety of a destination. No one can denny that the world is changing an now you need to ask yourself if terrorism, cartels, drugs, gangs, kidnapping and your wellbeing is a major concern in the country you will travel to? Planning a vacation to Europe, Middle East and even parts of Africa has to be approached with much more caution now. North American and European anglers are targets in many places today. So ask yourself why not travel to destinations where you are less likely to be a target and a victim? Why put yourself and your family in harm’s way when you can relax and have piece of mind almost anywhere in the continent of South America?

Ecuagringo has operations in various countries of South America where we specialize not only in some of the best fishing out there but in exotic and adventure travel. From dune buggies in the Peruvian desert to horseback riding in the Andes Mountains of Ecuador we have an adventure that is right for you. All our packages come with staff, guides and professionals that look after you group every step of the way. Our local guides know the ropes and the lay of the land.



San Cristobal, Galapagos Islands is perhaps the safest family destination in South America
The Galapagos Islands are famous for the friendly animals, the fishing, diving, exploring, camping, hiking, cruising and unique volcanic island appeal. However a less known fact is that San Cristobal Island has perhaps one of the lowest crime rates in the world. With a population of less than 8,000 very friendly and tourist oriented people there is no violent crime, purse snatching, pick pockets or major threats to tourist.

Families, children and elderly will find a safe, relaxing and hospitable atmosphere from the moment they arrive in San Cristobal Island. Anglers and tourist are safe on land as well as at sea. 600 miles from the continent there are virtually no pirates to worry about. Today the same cannot be said of many major fishing destinations that are now drug ridden with gangs, pushers, traffickers and yes pirates!



The beaches surrounding Cabo Blanco and Mancora are visited by surfers, beach lovers and soon by anglers looking to fish these historic waters. Our private transfers and guides keep you safe and worry free. We work with the best hotels in the area so that you can relax in a worry free environment. Relative caution needs to be used in airports and public places in Peru and yes there are pick pockets. However our vigilant staff keeps a watchful eye on our guest and their gear. Once you are in the hotels and on our boats you can leave your worries behind as the you will be far away from the big cities. As with all our destinations when you purchase a complete package there will be professional staff waiting outside the airport doors to pick you up, look after you and transfer you safely. Leave all logistic concerns to us.



Our two prime fishing areas in Argentina Dorado Cua and Rio Grande are managed by a professional staff in worry free settings. Dorado Cua Lodge sits in the estuaries of Isoro where you will more than likely come into contact with emu, caymans, marsh deer, cows and horses than with other people. Our Rio Grande sea run brown trout operation lays in the rivers and pools of Tierra del Fuego with miles and miles of rivers and no one in site to bother you. Come and enjoy the best golden salmon and brown trout fishing in Argentina!
Folks we still have some openings left for our 20% off special running until September 30, 2016. Those who have taken advantage have saved. Our Manta fishing has been hot for marlin and wahoo all summer long so don’t wait to book as the bite usually runs good until February. We are also now taking bookings for Mancora/Cabo Blanco Peru starting October 2017.

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