Ecuagringo Announcing It’s First Long Range Mothership & 38 Sportfisher Combo Trip Available Dates For 2023 in the Galapagos Islands

Jan 21, 2023News

April 29 to May 5, 2023 are now available to fish 7 days targeting mainly giant blue marlin around Isabela Island.  The mothership and sportfisher will be traveling following the warmer water to some of the far reaches of North and Western Isabela Island and possibly Fernandina Island if water conditions are favorable. We will be targeting mainly giant blue marlin although striped and black marlin are also found in the area along with tailing swordfish.  Along the way there is the potential to target some incredible bottom fishing early morning and late afternoon.

These are prime season dates to fish virgin blue marlin waters in the privacy of your group with no one else around!  Go where more than likely no international anglers have ever gone before and be the first fish these waters.

This is not a luxury type trip.  The mothership is rustic and basic but it provides sleeping quarters for up to two people in 3 separate rooms and two toilets with showers.

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What this trip is:
This is not a luxury type trip.  The mothership is rustic and basic but it provides sleeping quarters for up to two people in 3 separate rooms and two toilets with showers. This is an opportunity to be one of the first to wet a hook where hardly any sport fisherman has gone before. It’s for those who have a sense of adventure and want to fish and explore the Galapagos in a way hardly any foreigner in the 21 Century has.

You will more than likely encounter a variety of bird and marine life like nowhere else.  The possibility of hooking into some huge blue marlin, tuna and other pelagics is real! Enjoy fresh seafood, drinks and incredible sunrises and sunsets in one the most prestigious marine reserves in the Pacific Ocean.  Some areas you may be fishing within a mile from the coastline!   Definitely for folks who want to do something off the wall and different. 

Is It Expensive?
A wise old man once told me “Nothing in life is too expensive! Just some things you can’t afford!”
Depending on how you look at it the price is similar to a high end cruise for a week in the Galapagos.  However there are some big differences:
1- You don’t have to spend time on a boat with 100 to 200 strangers you may o may not like.
2- Perhaps and best of all is you don’t get to fish on any cruises in the Galapagos but you will on this one!

What this trip is not:
For those expecting luxury, 5 star accommodations and multimillion dollar boats then this trip is not for you. It’s also not for folks looking for a deal, shared ride or any tire kickers.  We can tell you it will not be cheap for many folks and for other maybe chum change.

What is included:
1- 38 sportfisher where up to 6 anglers from your private party can fish
2- Captain & crew on sportfisher & mothership
3- All meals
4- 1 night lodging in double rooms upon flying in to Guayaquil, Ecuador
5- 8 nights on live-aboard mothership
6- Board boat 7:00 am and return approximately 5 pm with very short runs to fishing areas.
7-All transfers Guayaquil & Galapagos to and from airports
8- Hosting services
9- All tackle with custom rods 80# and 130# to handle the largest of billfish (sometime 130# is not enough).  Alutecnos reels for trolling.  Spinning gear also provided for topwater and bottom fishing opportunities.
10- Domestic liquor all you can drink (Ecuador produces some good rum and beer)

What is not included:
1- Park entrance fee (currently USD 100)
2- Flights domestic or international
3- INGALA migrations card for Galapagos (currently USD 20)
4- Tips

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patricia fishing galapagos 20230121 02

Additional customizing to see more of the Galapagos:
Can’t get enough while just fishing?  We are happy to customize your package and add on before or after the trip tours, island hopping and even tours all over Ecuador.

For more information and pricing contact us 1-754-703-1991 or email

Call us and let us tell you all about it!

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