Mothership Assisted Long Range Fishing

Ecuagringo continues to innovate and was the first outfitter to establish the Galapagos Islands now famous billfishery. Now we continue to create new opportunities where no one in the archipelago will even come close.  If you have a spirit for adventure, like spending your days and nights on boats for extended time and want to fish longer hours then a mothership assisted trip is for you.

Starting with limited dates in 2023 and full time 2024 we will have mothership assisted trips.  Fully customizable packages will have the options to target the best striped marlin banks, hunt for giant blue marlin and go where no international anglers have gone before.  The main goal is to keep anglers closer and longer on the water each day to target billfish. 

However, anglers may have opportunities to target tuna, wahoo and endless bottom fishing.  For those who love to possibly fish around the clock this trip is for you.  As a plus you will also possibly  be able to see areas of the Galapagos where tourist seldom or never go.  The diversity of wild and marine life is worth the price of admission alone and being able to fish it is a plus!

How It Works?
The mothership will be a platform to eat, sleep, shower and relax after a long day of fishing on one of our 38 ft sportfishers.  You will be eating locally sourced seafood and sometimes from the sea to the table.  We will provide domestic liquor.  By having a mothership as a support vessel the sportfisher will be able to stay out longer each day, refuel and not have to return to port.  Anglers have the advantage of staying closer to the fishing areas and reaching areas not regularly fished.

Here are 2 options to choose from that we will happily customize for you:

1- Striped Marlin Focused Trips
These fishing tours for your private party will depart from San Cristobal and will have the mothership depending on sea conditions overnight near Punta Pitt (San Cristobal Island) and Española Island.  These strategic locations for anchoring up will allow our sportfisher to put you in the fishing grounds much faster and earlier so you can sometimes be fishing by 7:30 all the way to 4:30 pm.  You may also be able to reach banks and fishing areas that from ports are just too far to run cutting some distances to half or even less to get there.  San Cristobal has a couple of banks that are 68 to 80 plus miles away from port.  Using a mother you can reduce the time significantly by staying much closer to these areas and in some cases anchoring up much closer or in the fishing area itself.

2-Blue Marlin Focused Trips
If you want to target big fish you sometimes have to go to the far reaches where no one goes.  By using a mothership you can fish areas where seldom if ever a marlin lures has been in the water.  For now we would be targeting from February to May the North and West sides of Isabela and Fernandina Islands when the waters are warmest.  Other areas of the archipelago will be considered as we continue to develop options.