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Fellow Anglers,

Merry Christmas and we hope you are enjoying your holidays. We would like to update you with this stellar report coming from Galapagos and Manta. The fishing has exploded for marlin, tuna and wahoo. While fishing has been quite good all year it is normal to see a spike now that the currents are bringing warmer waters, more bait and the chlorophyl increases. There are still several dates open for some of our destinations if you wish to book the trip of a lifetime.

San Cristobal, Galapagos:

While most of our boats are either finishing maintenance or just getting ready to fish our crews have been out to fish for tuna and wahoo for the local market on their pangas. Their reports are nothing short of spectacular. No one targeted marlin this week as tuna was what anglers wanted.

Dec 19, 2017 – Mate Tonino onboard his panga reported catching 13 wahoo and 28 tuna all in 20 to 50# range fishing Mc Gowen reef. Conditions were calm with beautiful water, tuna feeding on the surface and lots of bait.

Dec 20, 2017 – Captain Gus Hernandez aboard the On the Hook reported while fishing Punta Pitt for tuna on poppers running into several schools of giant big eye tuna. While they did well on smaller 30 to 60# tuna (catching over a dozen) they got spooled by several big eyes estimated in 200 to 300# on their spinning rods. Giant big eyes are caught off and on but every so often they will show up in large schools to feed. The tuna fishing is off the charts.

Manta, Ecuador:

Fishing in Manta was impressive. However the it exploded come Wednesday. Folks Manta continues to be some of the most consistent blue marlin as a natural fishery. No FADS here! Just lots of bait and lots of marlin at 1/3 the price of Costa Rica’s FADS fishing.

Dec 17, 2017 – Several boats setting out from the Manta Yatch Club reported good action. Bluefin went 0/2 on striped marlin and 0/1 on blue marlin and caught a couple of dorados. They saw a few tailing striped marlin. Chola went 1/1 on striped marlin and 0/2 on blue marlin. A skiff from nearby village of San Mateo reported going 2/4 on blue marlin. Isabela went 1/5 on blue marlin and 1/4 on striped marlin.

Dec 18, 2017 – Chola went again a repeat of the previous day 1/1 on striped marlin and 0/2 on blue marlin.

Dec 19, 2017 – Seven pangas from the village of San Mateo went for marlin. Four pangas caught 2 blues and a striped marlin each. One panga went 2/5 on blue marlin and 1/3 on striped marlin. Another panga caught 2/3 blue marlin. The last panga caught 1/2 striped marlin and 2/2 on blue marlin. Water was reported clear with lots of flying fish.

Dec 20, 2017 – Fishing improved with all pangas reporting from dozens to hundreds of tailing striped marlin with no aggression to feed. Lots of sardines and flying fish on the surface. Conditions were a Southern flowing current, calm water and excellent clarity! One panga reported raising 12 blue marlin raised and 3/9 bites on blue marlin and going 1/3 on striped marlin. Another panga reported raising 10 blue marlin and going 2/7 on blues and 1/4 on striped marlin. A third panga went 2/3 on blue marlin and 1/2 on striped marlin. A fourth panga reported 3/6 on blue marlin and 1/5 on striped marlin. Most local artesanal fishermen do not focus on striped marlin as they prefer blue marlin.

Dec 21, 2017 – Fishing continued very good with 3 pangas reporting catching 3 blue marlin each. One panga went 2/5 on blue marlin and 2/3 on striped marlin. They reported dozens of striped marlin tailing on the surface. Lots of flying fish and bait on the surface.

Dec 22, 2017 – Atomic a 48 Ocean went 1/2 on blue marlin and 1/2 on striped marlin. One panga reported going 2/3 on blue marlin.

Cabo Blanco, Peru:

At the moment we have no reports this week from Peru. However many anglers have been contacting us to book late 2017 and 2018. Don’t miss out your chance to combine iconic fishing with a chance to visit Machu Picchu, Nazca lines and much more!

Folks the fishing is very good! Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you need more information or wish to book a trip.

Keep those reels screaming!

The Ecuagringo Fishing Team

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