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Marlin Fishing with Jose Wejebe

In Memory of a Legend

“In 2010 we had the pleasure of fishing and shooting 2 episodes of Spanish Fly with Jose Wejebe in San Cristobal Island, Galapagos. Jose’s experience, professionalism and passion for fishing excelled beyond that of most anglers. He was a kind, caring and a charismatic soul. I have been fortunate enough to fish next to many very good anglers but Jose was one of the few that could master a fly, spinning and stand up rod like very few people could. The memories and the moments we lived during those 8 days of filming and fishing in Galapagos will always be in my mind. Jose will live on in the hearts of those of us who had the privilege of spending some of the short time we have on this earth with him.”

Braden Escobar

Jose will be missed by many who were able to meet him. His life work and the positive impact it brought to the sport of fishing will continue. You can be a part of Jose’s dream by donating to his charitable organization. To learn more of how you can contribute to those who have had severe challenges in life please visit

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