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Cabo Blanco/Mancora Peru Marlin Fishing

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Now Booking Charters for January 2018

A long time coming but Ecuagringo is diligently working to offer fishing charters to one of the most legendary marlin fishing countries in the World.  Alfred Glassel’s 1560 lb black marlin put Peru on the big game fishing map in the 1950’s.  However the fishery has been since all but forgotten.  We don’t pretend to offer grander black marlin or do we? We do know from our research that there is a very viable striped and blue marlin fishery on Mancora bank offshore.  What lies in Cabo Blanco waters is still a mystery and virtually few or no sports boats have fished the waters just off the beach enough of late to know what lies there.  There are several oil rig platforms off Cabo Blanco as well as abundant marine life that make the waters prime habitat for large pelagic predators such as black and blue marlin. However, recent data points to possible currents that may be causing fish to swim to and from Australia. It’s too early to tell but we believe the same large blacks that feed off the Great Barrier Reef in Australia may migrate to the coast of Peru to feed when currents and conditions are right.

Booking Now for 2018 Season

Ecuagringo is now taking bookings to fish from January, 2018. Don’t be left out as dates are being taken. Be one of the first to fish again these legendary waters after over 60 years. Ecuagringo was the first to bring a quality charter operation to the Galapagos Islands and now will finally do the same in Peru.


The warmest season to fish the Nothern Peru’s areas of Cabo Blanco and Mancora is mid November to April. However in the past the large black marlin were caught May to September, oddly when nowadays the water is coldest. As we begin to fish the area we are sure to learn much more about it.

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