San Cristobal Island Hottest Marlin Bite On The Planet

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There is perhaps no better place on the planet for marlin fishing. Year-round striped marlin come to feed on the enormous supplies of sardines, squid, tuna, krill and other food sources due to the upwellings in the Galapagos. San Cristobal Island is the furthest East of all the islands in the archipelago. The port town of Baquerizo Moreno is host to about 8,500 inhabitants, has a local airport and is the capital of the Province of Galapagos.

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An Ecuadorian Armada base and a police headquarters are home to a heavy military and law enforcement presence. The island is safe and virtually rid of serious crime. Besides great fishing for marlin, tuna and bottom fish the island has several exciting water and land tours. From almost anywhere in town you are a short walk from the strip, beaches, bars, restaurants and the piers.

San Cristobal Island Marlin & Tuna Fishing Seasons

This is a true year-round fishing destination. However, seas tend to be warmest and most cooperative from December to June. Striped marlin will come to feed year round and so will tuna. Blue and black marlin tend to be more abundant during the warmer months of December to May when water temperatures average 74 to 80 F. In addition to some of the world’s best marlin fishing you can also choose to fish topwater tuna, bottom fish for many reef fish and deep drop with electric reels

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Marlin Fishing Techniques In The Galapagos

Trolling lures and teasers with stand-up tackle are the techniques of preference for striped marlin with 30 and 50 pound gear. Blue and black marlin are fished more commonly with 50, 80 and even 130 pound trolling gear for the largest of marlin. However, anglers can choose to fish marlin top water by casting poppers, fly fishing and teasing fish up to pitch a bait to them. Whatever the technique you choose one thing is certain; there is perhaps no better topwater bite to please the eyes like a marlin bite!

Lures and Baits Used For Striped, Blue & Black Marlin

While most of the marlin targeted out of San Cristobal Island are striped marlin, blue and black marlin are also found. Our crews prefer to troll lures and teasers 6 to 9 inches for striped marlin. Large lures and teaser 9 to 15 inches are used for blue and black marlin. Nevertheless, just as elephants eat peanuts so have we caught marlin over 1000 pound with the smallest lures in the spread. The baits we use mainly as pitch baits vary in size for the targeted marlin.

Striped marlin averaging 150 to 220 pounds in the Galapagos we find that baits 6 to 9 inches such as ballyhoo and sardines work very well. For blue and black marlin we like to use larger baits such as 12 inch plus horse ballyhoo, bonitos 2 to 8 pounds and sierra mackerel 15 to 20 inches.

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San Cristobal Island Is The Perfect Destination To Fish, Explore & Enjoy With Family & Friends

The Island of San Cristobal is the a wonderful getaway that offers fishing, touring, beaches and relaxing for the whole family. Serious crime is non-existent and low drug use make it ideal for all ages.

Let Ecuagringo customize share and private tours for the whole family, cooperate retreats, large groups or hangouts with the guys. We have several boats available to fish in our fleet so large groups are welcome. Our packages can be customized to include activities for fishers and non-fishers. The Galapagos are a true wildlife lovers paradise with something unique at every turn.

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Getting To The Galapagos Islands

Traveling to the Galapagos Islands is easier than most people realize. The Galapagos are located 600 miles off the coast of Ecuador and belong to Ecuador in the Northwest corner of South America just under Colombia. Direct flights daily from Fort Lauderdale and Miami (Florida, USA) arrive in Guayaquil/Ecuador in just under 4 hours.

Most guest are overnighted in a city hotel by our company and then transferred to airport for a direct 1 hour and 40 minute flight to San Cristobal, Galapagos the next day. If you are coming from Europe most guest fly Madrid direct to Guayaquil or Quito, Ecuador.

Testimonials of some of our previous guests

I wanted to shoot some of the amazing wild life of the Galapagos islands, Braden and his team made sure that I was able to get all the images and more of what I needed on my shoot with them. I highly recommend them if you are planing a trip to the Galapagos islands or any South American destination.

Tony Ludovico

Marine Wildlife Photographer, Ocean Ghost Project

I enjoyed my fishing trip to the Galapagos with you and was well looked after during my stay. I would recommend Ecuagringo to anyone contemplating fishing.

Zyg Gregorek

Just letting you know we made it back to the states with no trouble. I need a day or two to get my ducks back in a row but I plan to put together a more detailed email to you with some thoughts on the trip. Quickly I will say, we all had an absolute blast. I was very impressed with your operation, your professionalism and will be proud to promote your business through our Ocean Isle Fishing Center. I have a few thoughts on some details that may improve some aspects but overall I can say we were all extremely satisfied with our experience.

Barrett McMullan

Ocean Isle Fishing Center