San Cristobal Offers Good Blue Marlin & Black Marlin Are Possible Too

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Ecuagringo is the first outfitter in the Galapagos Islands to offer blue marlin  focused fishing trips.  Yes we were the first to bring you the incredible striped marlin fishery out of San Cristobal Island and more recently the giant and grander blue marlin fishing out of Isabela Island.  However, if you are willing to pass up on the striped marlin double digit days while fishing from San Cristobal then you have to check out the blue marlin options.

San Cristobal has several banks that come out of 2000 to 3000 feet of water. Such depths create some awesome deep drops on the edges of the island and banks where our crews have caught blue and black marlin averaging 400 to over 1000 pounds.  Few folks in the past have wanted to focus on the blue and black marlin potential and chose to pursue the high numbers of striped marlin.

The various deep drops are easily accesible from 20 to 40 miles out  Puerto Baquerizo Moreno, San Cristobal.  0-30 Bank, Punta Pitt, Rosa Blanca and Española all have produced blue and black marlin while fishing the areas for striped marlin and while experimenting off the edges.  We are confident that if you put the time in to fish the blue and black marlin haunts you will not be disappointed.  In most cases you may still be able to switch to striped marlin in most areas if fishing for blues is slow.

Out of San Cristobal Island we have the legendary boat On The Hook. She is a  36 ft sportfisher made famous by the late Captain “Gus” Henandez.  Captain Gus started over 25 years ago with Ecuagringo and together with Braden Escobar explored many billfish haunts across the archipelago.  Today you can experience this incredible fishery with the best 50#, 80# and 130# tackle available on San Cristobal Island.  Wether you want to troll lures or pitch baits we offer both options.