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Mar 2, 2021Fishing Reports

San Cristobal Island:

Feb 28 and March 1, 2021 were phenomenal with a total of 38 marlin released in two days. Fernando Mata a local angler known in the Salinas fishing circuits of Ecuador came with friends to fish the waters of San Cristobal Island.

They managed to raise over 100 striped marlin in two days of fishing with Captain Jonathan Valiente onboard Mantaraya and released 38 fish from an estimated 70 bites!

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Folks if you are looking for the hottest marlin bite happening on the planet then you need to book now. The Galapagos Islands are safe and open to international anglers.

Last minute San Cristobal high volume striped marlin dates available for March 2021:
22 – 26 ( 1 boat open)
29 to 31(1 boat open)

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